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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Crime Bulletin: Harlem Mother Jumps to Her Death Holding Infant

     Cynthia Wachenheim lived in an high rise apartment building with her husband and 10-month-old son on Broadhurst Avenue near 147th Street in Harlem, New York. A city employee on maternity leave, the 44-year-old was being treated for postpartum depression.

      Neighbors, at noon on Wednesday, March 13, 2013, heard Wachenheim and her husband arguing before he left for work. At three-thirty that afternoon, the depressed mother, holding her baby in her arms, jumped from her eighth-floor window. She landed on her back, cushioning the baby's fall. The boy bounced off the dead woman's body and rolled onto the street crying. The infant arrived at the Harlem Hospital in critical but stable condition, and is expected to survive.

     The distraught mother left behind a 13-page handwritten suicide letter in which she acknowledged that she had been making her husband suffer. "You're going to think I'm evil," she wrote. 

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