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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Judge Judy's Son, D.A. Adam Levy, Accused of Influencing Rape Investigation of His Live-In Trainer

     On Wednesday night, March 20, 2013, police officers arrested 35-year-old Alexandru Hossu on two counts of first degree rape. Hossu stands accused of having engaged in forced sex with a 12-yeasr-old girl on October 24, 2010 in the town of Southeast, a Putnam County community sixty miles north of New York City.

     Hossu, a Romanian national, has been living in the United States on a work visa that expired in 2000. He faces up to 25 years in prison, and eventual deportation. Hossu is being held in the Putnam County Jail on $100,000 bond.

     The district attorney of Putnam County, Adam Levy, reluctantly recused himself from the Hossu case which is being handled by a prosecutor from neighboring Westchester County. Levy has been accused of trying to influence the criminal investigation of Alexandru Hossu. This accusation of official interference has been leveled by Putnam County Sheriff Donald B. Smith.

     Sheriff Smith has alleged that Mr. Hossu has been living with D. A. Levy in his million-dollar home in the upscale Brewster section of Southeast. Hossu worked as the prosecutor's in-house personal trainer. (How many prosecutors can afford a million-dollar mansion and a live-in trainer?)

     Adam Levy has issued a statement that Alexandru Hossu moved out of his mansion six months ago, and his office has supplied the media with two current addressed for the rape suspect. These two locations, however, were found not to be residential addresses. The district attorney claims no knowledge of his personal trainer's immigration status, and denies having interfered with the Hossu investigation.

     This case has caught the attention of the local media because Adam Levy's mother is Judy Schnendlin, TV's Judge Judy. That explains the mansion, and the personal trainer. 

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  1. Alex Hossu comes from a respectable Romanian family. Everybody that knows him in his hometown says it is impossible that he could have done such thing. And if he was illegal, it is just the situation of many other immigrants in the US. It is amazing that while some people get visas, study and learn to fly planes in the US, so that later they can build bombs or crash the planes into public buildings, others that try to make their way and have an honest life there are still illegal after ten years.