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Friday, October 7, 2011

Self-Publishing E-Books

     Bloomsbury, a publisher based in England, has recently created a publishing arm under its Perseus Books Group, that will release digital-only editions of backlist books in which the copyrights have reverted to the authors. The new Perseus unit, called Argo Navis Author Services, will be available only to authors represented by literary agents. (For a lot of authors this may be a fly in the ointment.) The E-book distributing service will receive 70 percent of book sales with the balance paid to authors in the form of royalties.

     While Argo Navis will provide distribution and marketing services, the books will still be self-published works. Argo Navis will place product pages on retailer web sites, and for a fee, provide more extensive marketing services. E-books will be distributed to retailers such as Amazon, BN com, Google, Kobo, Sony and Apple. This publishing service is aimed at out-of-print books that still have potential for significant sales.

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