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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Walmartology: Crime in Consumerland 2

October 8, 2011
Baltimore City, Maryland
     A fight broke out in a Walmart store between two women who knew each other and had fought before over a man. When one of the combatants poured bleach and Pine-Sol on her opponent, Walmart officials had to close the facility for two hours. The fumes sent nineteen customers and employees to area hospitals. Police charged the 33-year-old woman who poured the hazardous material (mixing ammonia and bleach can create toxis gas) with first and second degree assault. Bond was set at $350,000.

October 7, 2011
Palm Springs, California
     At 7:30 PM, a Walmart customer, on his way to his care in the parking lot, got into an argument with two people in another vehicle. One of the occupants of that car shot the customer several times. Paramedics rushed the wounded man to a local hospital. According to the police, the shooting was not gang-related.

October 10, 2011
Columbia, South Carolina
     At 6:00PM, after a 41-year-old female Walmart customer had placed her grocery bags in the trunk of her car, a man reached into the front passenger seat of her vehicle and grabbed her purse. The woman fought him for the handbag until he pulled a handgun. The robber jumped into a getaway car with the purse and was gone.

October 12, 2011
Beaumont, Texas
     Shortly after 5:00PM, a man put a gun to a 64-year-old woman's head while she loaded groceries into her car. The victim was parked no more than 250 feet from the entrance to the Walmart Store. When the woman refused to give up her purse, the robber pulled it off her shoulder, knocking her to the ground. The gunman jumped into the backseat of a waiting car that sped off.

     It may not be a bad idea for women who shop at Walmart to leave their purses at home.  (See: "Walmart: Bargains, Jobs and Crime," October 4, 2011)

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