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Saturday, January 9, 2021

Pretentious Literary Award-Winning Novels

I find so-called "literary fiction" unreadable. All that stylistic showboating puts me off. More than that, it makes me angry and produces the urge to throw the award-winning novel against the nearest wall. Albert Camus said it best: "Those who write clearly have readers; those who write obscurely have commentators." And those commentators are usually highbrow literary critics and college literature professors who have to explain to us yahoos what it all means. I'll tell you what it all means: It means a lot of academic hot air trying to justify inferior writing by pretentious, untalented literary pretenders.


  1. Thornton P, once again, you rock!

  2. On behalf of Thornton I'll say thanks. I'd pass your compliment on to him but as you know, he's dead.