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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Ghost Rape

     Minor TV actress Natasha Blasick, of "Paranoid Activity 2", said on the British show "This Morning," that she's had sexual encounters with ghosts. The Russian-born Blasick said she was home alone when she was raped by a spirit. Blasick said, "I felt something entered the room. I couldn't see anybody. Suddenly I could feel that somebody was touching me. Their [his?] hands were pushing against my will and then I could feel the weight of their [his] body on top of me but I couldn't see anybody. At first I was very confused then I decided to relax and it was really pleasurable, I really enjoyed it.

     Blasick said the ghost came back for more coerced spirit sex a month later….Psychic Patti Negri said that this type of experience is common and often happens when someone is mourning the loss of a lover.

     Psychologist Claran O'Keeffe says that this sensation can be chalked up to sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis occurs when the brain wakes up before the body does. People that experience it feel as if they are unable to move or yell for what feels like a lengthy time. However, it usually only lasts a few seconds. There a commonly hallucinations involved with it.

     According to the psychic, 80 percent of ghost rapes are committed by a ghost who knows the victim. Use clear, forceful language with the ghost and don't feel ashamed to tell people afterwards. [Feel ashamed. You're an idiot.]

Sarah Hofmann, "Paranoid Activity Actress Says She's Been Raped by a Ghost," The Daily Caller, May 1, 2014 

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  1. I used to have episodes of scary sleep paralysis at least once or twice a week, but never got lucky- or unlucky, or whatever- like that! Guess I just didn't appeal to the horny haunts!