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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Whackademia Quote: The April Fool at Virginia College

     When the morning 911 call came in on April 1, 2014 about gunshots fired on the campus of Virginia College in Spartanburg County, South Carolina, police feared the worst. "I'm thinking Columbine High School, Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech," Sheriff Chuck Wright told reporters.

     But it was all a bad April Fool's joke than an employee of the college tried to play on family members. But no one was laughing. And the woman who sent the text to her daughter that led to the 911 call has been arrested and charged with creating a disturbance with additional charges pending.

     It started when Angela Timmons, a 54-year-old employee of the college fired off a text message to a family member saying that she heard gunshots inside the building and was hiding in the bathroom for her own safety….A little later, another text from Timmons stated it was an April Fool's joke. And while the daughter called the police back, it was too late….Police officers had already swarmed the campus….

John Luciew, "College Worker Arrested Over April Fool's Report of Gunshots Fired on Campus,", April 2, 2014


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