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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Criminal Justice Quote: 86-Year-Old Man Commits Double Murder Then Kills Himself

     An apparent dispute over housing ended with an 86-year-old NewYork City man shooting his grandson and killing his grandson's girlfriend before taking his own life….Police were trying to sort out what led Heriberto Pagan to drive from his home in Brooklyn to his daughter's Staten Island house on Friday, March 28, 2014 and shoot two people before taking his own life….

     Investigators were looking into the possibility that the grandson "was trying to take over" the home with his girlfriend and Pagan "wasn't appreciative of the way" his daughter was being treated in the process. It was not clear if the daughter was at home at the time.

     Police found Pagan, a gunshot wound to the head, outside his car Friday evening near the home where the shootings occurred. He was hospitalized in critical condition, but died the next morning….In the vicinity, police were alerted to another shooting victim, Pagan's 47-year-old grandson, who was critically injured with a gunshot wound to the head and found outside the Staten Island house where he lived with his mother and girlfriend….

     Inside the house, police found a second victim, Claritle Christina Huerta, 28, also shot in the head. She was pronounced dead at a local hospital….Pagan shot his grandson as the younger man approached the house. He then shot Huerta inside before driving a few blocks and shooting himself….

Ray Sanchez and Morgan Winsor, "NY Man, 86, Shoots Grandson, Girlfriend Before Taking Own Life," CNN, March 29, 2014 

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