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Saturday, June 6, 2020

Living Without Police

In the middle of the night someone is breaking into your house. You call 911 and the dispatcher assures you that an anger management counselor and a victim's advocate are on their way. Your store is being robbed. You call 911 and the dispatcher reminds you that it's just property and you should call your insurance agent. You need to go to the store for groceries, but because all of the murderers, rapists, arsonists, muggers, and burglars have been released from prison, you can't safely leave the house. But it really doesn't matter because looters have already emptied the grocer's shelves. And you can't buy a firearm for protection because the gun shops have also been looted out of existence. Maybe it's time to get into your car--if it hasn't been stolen--and get the hell out of that city. As you leave town, you can wave good-bye to the criminal-loving politicians who ruined your city and your life. In time, however, they too will flee the community because walls and security guards are no match for vicious, criminal mobs. 

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