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Sunday, March 13, 2022

The Jason Hendrix "Good Boy" Murder Case

     Kevin Hendrix and his wife Sarah lived in a middle class neighborhood in Corbin, Kentucky with their 16-year-old son Jason and 12-year-old daughter Grace. Mr. Hendrix, a beekeeper, sold honey at a farmer's market in the small, southeastern Kentucky town. His wife, Dr. Sarah Hendrix, worked as a professor at Union College in nearby Barbourville.

     In December 2014, Jason was baptized at the Forward Community Church where he and his family were active members. The church, founded in 2012, held its services in a local movie theater. Besides being involved in church activities, Jason Hendrix participated in his high school ROTC program.

     Late Wednesday afternoon February 11, 2015, two days after Jason's parents disciplined their son by taking away his computer privileges, the boy, in a most cold-blooded way, murdered his family.

     The 16-year-old shot his father twice in the head the moment he came home from work. The young killer ambushed his mother with two bullets to the face when she entered the kitchen after parking her car in the garage following her day at work. His 12-year-old sister Grace lay dead in the house from two shots to her head. She had also been shot in the arm. In the close-range shootings, Jason fired through pillows to muffle the sound and shield himself from the victim's blood spatter.

     A few hours after executing his parents and his sister, Jason met up with some friends at his church. There was nothing in his demeanor that suggested he had just massacred his family.

     The day after the triple murder, Jason, armed with four handguns and a backpack full of ammunition, drove out of town in one of the family cars, a green Honda Pilot.

     Late Saturday morning, February 14, 2015, a Maryland state trooper tried to pull Jason Hendrix over for speeding in Harford County 500 miles from the still undiscovered bodies in his house back in Kentucky. Jason, having no intention of being pulled over by a cop, led the officer and others on a car chase that took them into Baltimore County where police officers in that jurisdiction joined in the pursuit.

     The high-speed chase came to an abrupt end when the teenager crashed his SUV into another vehicle. When six officers with the Baltimore County Police Department approached the green Honda, Jason Hendrix shot at the officers, striking one of them. All six of the officers returned his fire, killing the boy at the scene.

     The wounded officer received treatment at the University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center and was discharged the next morning. All of the officers involved in the shooting were placed on administrative leave pending an investigation.

     That Saturday, a Baltimore County detective called the authorities in Corbin, Kentucky and requested a check of the address to which the green Honda was registered. If the occupants of the house were related to the boy, they needed to be informed of his death.

     At five o'clock that afternoon, officers with the Corbin Police Department entered the Hendrix house on Forest Circle. Inside they found the bodies of Mr. and Mrs. Hendrix and their daughter. Following a cursory investigation, the authorities in Corbin concluded that the boy killed by the police in Maryland had murdered his family.

     Friends and relatives of the family as well as residents of the community were stunned by the news of these violent deaths. As is often the case in "good boy" murder cases, no one saw the bloodshed coming.


  1. Would really like to say as I know people who were directly friends with Jason: Jason was adopted and found out about a year before this incident. He got in trouble for using his laptop to try and find and eventually contact his biological family. Seems to be something that nobody ever spoke about or knew? He was very angry. Such a tragedy. Wish we could have been around to talk him through stuff instead of everything that happened. Absolutely breaks me inside when I think about this.

    1. Oh my god...really? That’s horrible. That would explain a lot. It didn’t make sense to me that he would murder his family because he couldn’t play video games.

    2. Can i ask you a question which bio family did he contact. Mom, dad, brother, grandparent. Im part of his bio family and would like to know.

  2. If you really are apart of his bio family then you would already know wouldn't you?
    Besides who's to say that Jason actually killed them. Seeing as they're corrupt CPS workers and foster people.
    With him being in ROTC sure he knew how to shoot really great aim. Which his accuracy he inherited from his bio family. Seems like a little to open shut of a case.
    Perhaps he saw who actually killed them loaded up the guns and took off after them.
    Especially since his bio family doesn't live I Maryland or Baltimore in fact they lived farther away and more north.
    Yeah so I personally believe he wentaftee the actual killers and once he was being pulled over he panicked with the guns in the car felt even more threatened so if he did the shooting first then the police were right to shoot back but did he actually shoot first? Or was it shooting in self defense?
    Seems most of you don't know what actually happened.
    I for one can say karma is a bitch and hell will be paid!!!

  3. I am his biological mom. He did not contact me I wish he did. Maybe he wouldnt have done this. I gave him up thinking he would have a better life because I was poor and to young. He has brothers and and sister who will never be able to meet him and I'm sad for that. I thought kevin and sarah were better but in the end I was wrong and now my son is gone forever. I still to this day cant understand why. I pray his older sister is doing well and I'm sorry for her loss also. I've been searching for answers along time since his death and so many questions are unanswered. One day I hope to see him to atleast say I love him and maybe that day I will have answers.

    1. Well, he's dead so... You're not his bio mom sweetie, get some help.