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Sunday, June 2, 2019

Teacher Takes 11 Kids to Walmart in Honda

     The school board in Catoosa, Oklahoma fired Wells Middle School teacher Heather Cagle on December 17, 2014 because she stuffed eleven students into her Honda Accord and drove them to a nearby Walmart to buy some snacks. Cagle managed this impressive feat on Tuesday October 21, 2014. The students ranged in ages 12 to 15.

     Two of the students sat in the front passenger seat. Seven students sat in the backseat. Two 12-year-old girls rode in the trunk. The distance from Wells Middle School to the Walmart Supercenter in the Tulsa suburb of Catoosa is 295 feet and includes no major roads…Most of the drive took place in parking lots. [Don't people walk anymore? What kid wouldn't walk the distance of a football field for a snack?]…

     The 10-year veteran math teacher and yearbook advisor said she made the poor decision because she wanted to do "something sweet" for her yearbook staff…Cagle's attorney, Richard O'Carroll, disagreed with the school board's decision. "It wasn't the best judgement," he said. "She went 100 yards on an empty road through a parking lot. No one was hurt."

Eric Owens, "Teacher Fired For Stuffing 11 Kids in Honda Accord For Trip to Walmart," The Daily Caller, December 20, 2014  

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