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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Whackademia Quote: University of Alabama Coach Makes More Than 70 Professors

     The highest paid college football coach is about to get richer. The University of Alabama's Board of Trustees compensation committee collectively approved a contract raise for head football coach Nick Saban on June 3, 2014. Saban, who was already the highest paid college football coach in 2013 with a salary of $5.5 million, will now make $6.9 million a year….

     Since taking over the head coaching job at Alabama in 2007, Saban has guided the team to three national championships. Saban's contract cements his presence at Alabama until January 2022. The contract also includes a clause guaranteeing an increase of salary for Saban in certain circumstances if other football college coaches start making more than him….

Jane Bartless Pappas, "Highest Paid College Football Coach Gets $1.4 million More Than Last Year," The Daily Caller, June 3, 2014 

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