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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Criminal Justice Quote: Good Thing the Robber Assaulted Jerimiah Willey

     Call it a mixed blessing--one that may have saved an Arizona convenience store employee's life. When Phoenix Circle K manager Jerimiah Willey was pistol-whipped during a robbery last month, he landed at St. Joseph's Hospital with a head injury that required eight staples. "He hit me in the head twice, and then throughout the whole thing, he was nudging me with the gun." Willey said.

     The hospital did a CT scan and discovered something far worse--a massive and potentially life-threatening brain tumor. "They said that had this not been found and found soon, he probably just would have gone to sleep one night and not been able to wake up," his wife, Alisha Willey said.

     Jerimiah is recovering from the first of what's expected to be three brain surgeries….The surgery has left him partially paralyzed, with slurred speech and some loss of hearing. He's undergoing therapy. Although the road ahead for the Willeys and their three children is uncertain, they're hopeful that the slow-growing tumor is benign and was caught before it was too late. A fund has been set up to help pay for the family's medical expenses….

Ed Payne and Dave Alsup, "Arizona Store Employee Discovers Brain Tumor After He's Pistol-Whipped," CNN, June 13, 2014

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