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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Keith Lawrence and Monica Quan: Engaged Jocks Found Dead in Irvine, CA Condo Garage

     Keith Lawrence, a 27-year-old public safety officer on the campus of the University of Southern California and his fiancee, Monica Quan, a 28-year-old assistant women's basketball coach at California State Fullerton, had recently moved into a condominium complex in the Orange County town of Irvine. Some of the units in the complex, located near the University of California Irvine, cost more than $1million. For the past eight years, Irvine has been named by the FBI as America's safest city.

     In 2002, Monica Quan graduated from Walnut High School located in the town of that name in the San Jose Hills of the San Gabriel Valley. As a star on the women's basketball team, Quan set records for making the most three-pointers. Her father, Randal Quan, was the first Chinese-American to rise to the rank of Captain in the Los Angeles Police Department. After retiring from the force in 2002, Quan became chief of campus police at Cal Poly in Pomona. (Six months after taking the job, he was fired.)

     After graduating from Walnut High School, Monica Quan played basketball for Cal State Long Beach. From there she transferred to Concordia University in Irvine where she starred in basketball while earning her degree in exercise and sports science. Following assistant coaching positions at Cal Lutheran in Thousand Oaks and Diamond Bar High School, Quan, in 2011, joined the coaching staff at California State Fullerton.

     Keith Lawrence met Quan at Concordia University where he was a basketball standout. (Before Concordia, Lawrence played for Moorpack College.) After graduating with a degree in business in 2008, Lawrence completed a police certification program run by the Ventura County Sheriff's Office. In 2012 the former basketball star began working as a security officer at USC.

     At nine o'clock on the night of Sunday, February 3, 2013, a resident of the Irvine condo complex, while walking to her car in the parking structure, saw a young couple slumped over in the front seat of a white Kia. The man was seated behind the wheel. He and the woman next to him had been shot to death. The victims were identified as Keith Lawrence and Monica Quan. The white Kia was parked on the top floor of the parking structure.

     Homicide detectives have ruled out robbery as a motive for the shootings, and consider murder-suicide possible but unlikely. Access to the condo garage requires a key code, and every inch of the structure is in view of surveillance cameras. Homicide investigators are reviewing hours of video footage from these cameras in hopes of catching a break in the case.


     Irvine Police Chief David Maggard, at a press conference, identified former LAPD officer Jordan Dorner as a suspect in the double murder. The 33-year-old has incriminated himself in a multi-page "manifesto" containing death threats against several people. Apparently Lawrence and Quan are mentioned in that document.

     Monica Quan's father Randal, after leaving police work, became an attorney. In October 2011, he represented Dorner before the LAPD disciplinary board that fired him. Dorner's last known address is in La Palma, California, a northern Orange County town not far from Fullerton. The fugitive is believed  to be driving a blue, 2005 Nissan Titan pickup truck. He is considered armed and dangerous. 

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  1. Any update on some of that high surveillance parking garage footage?

    Thank goodness there is no defendant to have a case against in order to prove the crimes.