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Sunday, December 3, 2023

The Edward and Marilyn Bagley Sex Slave Torture Case

      There are people who shouldn't have been born. They include serial killers, pedophiles, child pornographers and a small group of perverts who physically torture unwilling victims for sexual pleasure. Whether or not these sexual deviants are born or made is irrelevant. They are among us and by the time one of them is caught and brought to justice the harm has been done. In the end we are frustrated because our justice system is often more civilized than the criminal it punishes. We have to live with the fact these predators never get what's coming to them. In the world of sadistic sex crimes there is no such thing as justice.

     Edward and Marilyn Bagley, a pair of practicing sexual sadists, lived in a trailer near Lebanon, Missouri in the western part of the state. In December 2002, when Edward was 35 and his wife 37, the Bagleys took in a mentally deficient 16-year-old foster home runaway. (The girl was identified by the FBI as FV or Female Victim.) Proudly calling himself "Master Ed," Mr. Bagley and his wife promised the girl a better life that featured a career in modeling and dancing. When FV was still a minor, Edward Bagley forced her to wear "slave clothes," provided her with marijuana and ecstasy and repeatedly raped her. "Master Ed" informed the girl that she was being trained and groomed to be a sex slave. In that regard he forced her to sign a life-time sex slave contract that she believed was legally binding.

     Between February 2004 and February 2009 Master Ed and his accomplice spouse used a crank telephone to electrocute the girl's private parts, flogged her, sewed-up and pierced parts of her body, choked her to the point of unconsciousness, made her watch as they shot her beloved pets and threatened to bury her alive in the woods behind the trailer. The pathologically cruel couple even waterboarded FV and nailed parts of her body to slabs of wood. To mark her as their property Edward Bagley tattooed a barcode on his captive's neck and inked the Chinese symbol of a slave on one of her ankles.

     The Bagleys published FV's torture sessions on live Internet webcasts for the enjoyment of other sexual monsters willing to pay a fee for the thrill of watching a young woman suffer. A sadist in his later twenties from St. Louis named Bradley Cook watched these pornographic obscenities on his computer, downloaded photographs of FV and forwarded to the Bagleys images of his own sex slave activity. Sixty-year-old Michael Stokes, a California connoisseur of the sadistic arts, traveled to the Bagley torture chamber where he paid for the opportunity to inflict his own brand of pain on the hapless victim. Mr. Stokes, after he paid the Bagleys $1,300, was allowed to transport the sex slave to his home on the west coast where he subjected her to a pornographic photo-shoot and various deviate sexual assaults.

     Beginning in June 2007 the Bagleys forced their 21-year-old slave to work as a stripper and exotic dancer in several of the region's adult entertainment clubs. Whenever FV failed to be a club's top monthly earner the Bagleys punished her with extra beatings and acts of sexual depravity.

     FV's seven-year ordeal came to an end in February 2009 when the young woman required emergency medical treatment and hospitalization after the Bagleys' excessive electrical shocking led to cardiac arrest. Shortly after FV's near-death experience the FBI entered the case.

     In September 2010 a federal grand jury sitting in Kansas City, Missouri indicted the Bagleys for commercial sex trafficking and forced labor trafficking involving aggravated sexual abuse. The first charge carried a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison without parole. The second, life without the chance of parole. Several months later the feds indicted Michael Stokes and Bradley Cook for their roles in the Bagley sex slave conspiracy. The grand jury also returned indictments against 52-year-old Dennis Henry and James Noel who was 47. Both of these degenerates had participated in FV torture sessions.

     Early in 2012 Stokes, Cook, Henry and Noel pleaded guilty to federal sex trafficking charges. On December 6, 2012, Marilyn Bagley, now 47, pleaded guilty in a Kansas City federal court to one count of conspiracy to commit commercial sex trafficking. In return for her plea the judge sentenced Marilyn Bagley to a probated sentence.

     On January 15, 2013 Edward Bagley, faced with the realization that Michael Stokes and the other perverts had agreed to testify against him, pleaded guilty to one count of using an interstate facility to entice a minor into illegal sexual conduct.

     A federal judge on September 10, 2013 sentenced Edward Bagley to twenty years in prison with no chance of parole. The next day Bradley Cook was sentenced to twenty years behind bars. The judge gave Dennis Henry and James Noel fifteen years each. Michael Stokes was sentenced to five years in prison.
     In a criminal justice system sympathetic to victims all of these people should have been put away for life. 


  1. she was a willing participate, he was screwed over by an over zealous prosecutor. She came and went as she pleased.

    1. Sir, you are a willing participant in all that is philosophically wrong in our world,not the prosecutor. What happened in your life that you do not get basic concepts of right and wrong? The above couple were predators looking for the weakest among us. They choose a CHILD. A child who had many challenges. She deserved to be helped to overcome those challenges. She should have been loved in a wholesome parent-child relationship. A relationship which would have helped her deal with past hurts and equipped her to transition successfully toward a meaningful adult life. Instead, she was ruthlessly tortured, and brainwashed into an altered state. No human being should have to go through what she was FORCED to endure.

    2. You talk like you were there 🤔 may all those sick pigs burn in hell!!!

  2. Willingly participated, are you insane?
    First of all its easy to brainwash a teenager, just like a beaten dog, they will return to anyone, who atleast shown them, how twisted it is, "love" or "appreciation" its mentally scarring and a strange behaviour, beaten women go back to their aggresive assholes of men, simply because they still "love" them somehow, now add mental problems into the mix, a probably very traumatic foster home and orphanage history and you got a deadly mix that leads straight to stockholm syndrom.
    To claim that she came and went as she pleased is silly, why you think that her going to strip clubs and fetish modeling just happend to be her job?
    Why did she still live there, if she wasn't forced to do..oh wait of course, it was "her choice" to get her parts nailed to woodplanks and being brought to deaths door and call some sexual deviant a "master".

    Oh wait what is that..it wasn't the state that followed up with impresioning Ed, but the woman herself filed for a protection order? That seems strange, after all she did everything on her own accordance did she not?

    1. You don't have your facts straight. She was never beaten by Ed. They engaged in consensual S&M the exact same way it is practiced by other couples. I am not insane, you are just ignorant.
      She was never kidnapped or threatened. She was not a victim of Stockholm syndrome. Again you don't know the fact of the case. You just automatically assume based on what you have read that this much be none consensual. Look up the Spanner Operation that took place in Britain where they arrested and convicted the males who consensually participated in the exact same conduct with other males.

    2. WRONG. They made her watch as they killed her beloved pets. Literally nothing S&M or consensual about that. Guilty conscience much?

  3. well I can only imagine that anonymous has their own guilt over doing the same things to some poor soul.
    NO? YES?
    You do make it sound so enjoyable with the belief the young lady continously chose to go back with the couple.
    Drug use at a young age alters your perception , brain washing is easily introduced in moments of extreme stress and visual examples of death go a long way in convincing a vulnerable person into compliance.
    Makes a person wonder whose chained up in your basement sir?
    A bullet is to quick,, torture is inhumane , my answer is no death row, feed them, clean them up, give them the best medical care there is and then part them out ....
    Kidney transplant, heart lung