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Thursday, September 23, 2021

The Meth Professor

     In 2012, Professor McCarthy, described by his students as an eccentric who smoked meth, taught in Michigan State University's Engineering Building. In October, just before one o'clock on the day his students will never forget, he started shouting in class. The professor pressed his hands and his face against a window, and stated to scream at the top of his lungs. The out of control professor walked out of the classroom and continued to make a lot of noise as he paced up and down the hallway. At this point someone called 911.

     Professor McCarthy returned to the classroom, and with his terrified students looking on, took off his clothes except for his socks. He then ran naked about the room screaming, "There is no f-ing God," and ranting about computers, Steve Jobs, and that everything in life was just an act. Traumatized students fled the classroom.

     Fifteen minutes after the 911 call police officers entered the classroom, placed the screaming, naked man into handcuffs, and hauled him off to a local hospital for observation. His students, for the remainder of the semester, were reassigned to other math classes.

     In an email to his former students, Professor McCarthy, after being discharged from the hospital, wrote: "The incident that occurred Monday was unfortunate. Although I do not remember what happened, I have been told that I may have caused distress among my students in Monday's class. For that I am sorry." 

     Professor John McCarthy was not charged with a crime. While he was probably tenured, the professor must have had a hard time justifying his meth induced antics as an exercise in academic freedom. Still, in academia, bizarre behavior is tolerated that anywhere else would be frowned upon and cause for dismissal. If the professor lost his job over this incident, there is no mention of it on the Internet. Assuming he kept his position at MSU, how did he muster the nerve to show his face on campus after that? 


  1. A part of the problem today is the low quality of the professors teaching our young people. Since the 60s the colleges have been flooded with left wing progressive staff and administration. As a parent or student, especially paying the tuition, would not want a teacher who is high when teaching, while I'm trying to learn in the classroom, let alone spouting their own political beliefs. I understand this is one incident, however, I'm sure so many other things go unreported today
    If you research history, the left planned to infiltrate college campuses in order to change the attitude and thinking of the young students, in order to make it easier for the progressive left to "brainwash" our young students for the future OWO. When college grads come out and say they think we should be socialists, it scares me/us. We need to take back our families, schools, constitution, morals, and reconfigure a game plan to maintain what we originally built this country on. God bless us because we need it.

  2. I was a student of Professor McCarthy while at MSU pursuing my bachelors in mathematics. He had his eccentricities to be sure, but the man was a genius in his own right and most certainly was not a methamphetamine user. With great intelligence often comes great misunderstanding, as is the case with Professor McCarthy.