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Monday, January 15, 2024

Tracey Richter: One Scheming, Dangerous Woman

     Tracey Richter's adversarial and bellicose history with her husbands is a cautionary tale for professional men trolling for wives. Her story is a real-life "Play Misty for Me" horror film featuring an attractive sociopathic revenge-oriented protagonist willing to do whatever it takes to dominate, humiliate and defeat her male antagonists. In Tracey Richter's case her enemies were her estranged husbands. To stand between this woman and what she wanted, to incur her wrath, was like stepping in front on an oncoming train.

     In 1992 the Chicago native lived in Virginia with her first husband, a plastic surgeon named Dr. John Pitman. That year, Tracey Richter, then 27 pleaded no contest to the charge of discharging a firearm during an argument with him. In return for her plea she received a probated sentence. Before they were divorced in 1996 Tracey Richter accused Dr. Pitman of sexually abusing their 3-year-old son Bert. A judge eventually dismissed the case for lack of evidence. Following the divorce Tracey Richter and her son moved back to Chicago.

     In 1997 Tracey Richter met and began dating Dr. Joseph La Spisa, a Chicago based oral surgeon. That relationship soured when, pursuant to an attempt to extort $150,000 from the doctor, she accused him of sexual assault. Although later exonerated the scandal cost Dr. La Spisa his dental practice.

     About the time she was making life miserable for Dr. La Spisa, Tracey Richter met a man online from California named Michael Roberts. Shortly thereafter Tracey Richter married Mr. Roberts. They separated in 2000. The three-year marriage produced two children, ages one and three. At the time of the separation from Michael Roberts Tracey Richter was battling Dr. Pitman for custody of their 10-year-old son Bert. If she lost this fight she would lose her son and the $1,000-a-month child support payments.

     In 2001 Tracey Richter, now 35, resided with her son Bert and the two younger children in Early, Iowa, a small town 100 miles north of Des Moines. On December 31 of that year she called 911 to report that she had just shot an intruder to death who, along with another man, had broken into her house and tried to strangle her with a pair of pantyhose.

     Upon arriving at the dwelling police discovered, in Richter's bedroom, the body of 20-year-old Dustin Wehde. He had been shot nine times with a pair of handguns Richter had retrieved from her home safe. The other man, she said, fled the scene when she opened fire on Wehde. (The other intruder was never identified because he didn't exist.)

     Detectives identified Dustin Wehde, a resident of Richter's neighborhood, as a depressed computer nerd who lived in his parents' basement. He had no criminal record, and as a timid type, was an unlikely candidate for home burglary and assault. Investigators also found it strange that Mr. Wehde had parked his car in Richter's driveway.

     In searching the dead man's vehicle police officers made a bizarre discovery. They found, on the front seat, a pink notebook in which Wehde had written that a "mysterious fellow" named John Pitman had hired him to kill Tracey Richter and her 11-year-old son. While the passage was in Wehde's handwriting, it didn't make any sense. Detectives couldn't find any evidence that Wehde and Richter's first husband had ever crossed paths, and the young man didn't come close to fitting the profile of a contract killer. Because the whole setup looked fishy, the police never considered Dr. John Pitman as a murder-for-hire mastermind. While detectives didn't buy Richter's account of the shooting, the Sac County prosecutor didn't bring charges against her and the case went into the books as a self-defense homicide.  Dustin Wehde's parents had to live with the fact their son had been murdered as part of the killer's plot to frame an ex-husband. 

     Shortly after shooting Dustin Wehde to death in her bedroom, Tracey Richter and her children moved to Omaha, Nebraska. In the meantime the authorities in Iowa kept the existence of the pink notebook secret because to publicize it would have, among other things, scandalized Dr. Pitman. In 2002 Tracey Richter appeared on "The Montel Williams Show," a daily afternoon talkfest not unlike the OprahWinfrey program. In response to softball questions in front of a sympathetic studio audience, Richter told the horrifying story of how she had no choice but to take this intruder's life to save herself and her children. She came off as a hero.

     In 2004, after Tracey Richter and Michael Roberts were divorced she told the police that her second husband had been a part of Dr. Pitman's conspiracy to have her killed. The authorities still weren't buying into this murder-for-hire business and never considered Mr. Roberts a suspect in Dustin Wehde's homicide.

     While residing in Nebraska Tracey Richter ran afoul of the law. In 2009, among other accusations of criminal deceit, she was convicted of welfare fraud and sentenced to probation.

     In 2010 Ben Smith, the new Sac County prosecutor, took office. As he had promised in his campaign for the office, Mr. Smith asked the Iowa Division of Criminal Justice to investigate the almost ten-year-old Dustin Wehde homicide. As part of that investigation a forensic ballistics expert determined that Wehde had been shot three times in the back as he lay on Richter's bedroom floor. This comprised, in the prosecutor's opinion, circumstantial evidence inconsistent with Richter's claim of self-defense.  

     At the conclusion of the state investigation of Dustin Wehde's suspicious death, prosecutor Ben Smith charged Tracey Richter with first-degree murder. Under Smith's theory of the case, she lured the young man to her house and forced him at gunpoint to write in the pink notebook that her first husband, Dr. John Pitman, had hired him to kill her and her son. She then fired nine shots into his body then planted the notebook in his car in an effort to frame her former husband for solicitation of murder. Pursuant to this scenario Dustin Whede had been nothing more than a sacrificial pawn in Richter's evil scheme to win the custody battle she was having with the father of her first-born child. If this was what took place Tracey Richter was one cold-blooded sociopathic killer. A dangerous woman indeed.

     Granted a change of venue, Tracey Richter's murder trial got underway on October 23, 2011 in the Webster County town of Fort Dodge, Iowa. The defendant, now 45, and living in Omaha had the support of her 20-year-old son Bert and the man she was currently engaged to marry. On November 7, 2011 the jury of six men and six women, in rejecting Richter's self-defense/contract murder version of Dustin Wehde's death, found her guilty as charged.

     Following this stunning verdict, Mr. Michael Roberts, Richter's second husband and father of her two younger children praised the jurors. He told reporters that Richter had once tried to murder him through drugs and suffocation. Mona Wehde, Dustin's mother, in speaking to reporters on the day of the verdict said that her son's murder had destroyed her marriage and after the divorce her ex-husband committed suicide. She called the jury's decision "a blessing."

     In January 2012, shortly before Judge Kurt L. Wilke sentenced Richter to life in prison, she sent a letter to a Wisconsin prison inmate named James Landa. Mr. Landa, who had been convicted of sexually molesting a 12-year-old girl, had written to Richter following her conviction offering his moral support. (Whatever that meant.) Richter's letter to Landa contained personal information about her second husband, Mr. Michael Roberts. Among other pieces of information, Richter revealed his Social Security number, date of birth, physical description and home address. When Sac County prosecutor Ben Smith learned of this letter he suspected Richter of soliciting Mr. Roberts' murder. To reporters, Smith said, "I fear for Michael and his kids."

     In June 2012, from prison, Tracey Richter appeared on a "Dateline NBC" two-hour special on the Dustin Wehde murder case. To correspondent Dennis Murphy she stuck to her story of self-defense. Her son Bert appeared on the show to back up her account of the shooting. Her lawyer announced that the convicted killer had filed an appeal.

     From her cell at the Mitchelville, Iowa prison Richter launched a child custody battle with second husband Michael Roberts over her two younger children, now ages 12 and 14. Roberts had the children with him in California and planned to escape Richter's reach by moving his family to Australia.

     On September 13, 2012, Iowa Judge Nancy Whittenburg, the judge who presided over this child custody fight, ruled that notwithstanding Richter's murder conviction she had not lost her right to regular visits with the children. This meant that Mr. Roberts, to satisfy the judge's decision, had to make visitation trips from California to Iowa and back. When Sac County prosecutor Ben Smith learned of Judge Whittenburg's ruling he called it "mind-boggling."


  1. Father’s Right Advocates encourage appeal of Judge Nancy Whittenburg’s recent order prohibiting the Roberts family from leaving the USA. Michael Roberts, on behalf of his children, is filing a Stay of Execution against a court order forcing him to deliver his children, against their will, to a prison thousands of miles away. Judge Whittenburg is forcing the kids to make multiple visits to their estranged mother who is serving a life sentence without any possibility of parole for 1st degree murder. Any funds raised in excess of the legal fees will be used to help the Roberts family with debt relief and start a new life in Australia, putting 15 tumultuous years behind them.

    On December 13, 2001, the mother Tracey Richter murdered a young man in cold blood when she shot him nine times, including three times in the back of the head.

    In March 2004, Tracey attempted to murder Michael by drugging him and placing a plastic bag over his head while he was semiconscious. He survived, and immediately filed for divorce. Michael was paid by the Iowa Department of Justice Crime Victims Compensation fund for the head injury sustained during the attempt on his life. This has been the only time that the Iowa Department of Justice helped the family in this incredible case of judicial incompetence and heartache; it has been all downhill from there; Richter was never charged for this attempted murder.

    In 2005, after more than 100 hours of research, a licensed child welfare counselor issued a stern warning to authorities and recommended that Michael be granted sole legal custody of the children. At the divorce trial numerous character witnesses affirmed this expert’s findings. Incredulously, year after year and trial after trial, Judge John P. Duffy awarded primary care of the children to the killer. Several law enforcement officials and the children's two therapists urged Michael to leave the USA for the sake of his health and the children's welfare until Tracey was prosecuted. The closer Michael was to his children, the more Tracey manipulated them into despising him.

    In July 2011 Tracey Richter was arrested for the 2001 murder. The senior Judge for the district then issued an order, which finally removed Judge Duffy from the child custody case. Judge Nancy Whittenburg was then specifically assigned to the case; presumably in an attempt to mitigate embarrassment from the inevitable public outrage that would ensue.

    On November 7th 2011, almost 10 years after Richter killed Dustin Wehde, a jury of twelve in a unanimous decision, found Tracey guilty of murder in the first degree. She was sentenced to life imprisonment for the term of her natural life, without the possibility of parole… EVER.

    With the appointment of a new judge and a life sentence for his ex-wife, it seemed that Michael's battles were over, but this could not be further from the truth. On September 5, 2012, one year and two months after Michael returned to America to collect his children a few moments before their mother's arrest, Judge Whittenburg ordered that Michael cannot take the children, who are dual citizens, home to Australia to be with their family including their only cousins. To make it even worse, the judge has ordered Michael to travel thousands of miles with the children at his expense to allow them to visit Tracey in prison on three separate occasions.

    Since the conviction and to this day, the Richter family has engaged a professional "reputation hit-man" who works around the clock accusing Michael of everything from hacking, molestation, murder conspiracy to witness and jury tampering.

    Michael has not seen his current wife and new daughter for over nine months. As a foreigner, he is not permitted to stay in America for longer than three months; he has overstayed the visit by almost one year. This means he can be deported, but the children cannot leave.

    To be continued….

    1. Why is it that female judges are so blind. How is it that in todays world the pathetic female somehow needs all financial help. Di it not take 2 to produce the children? Watching her attempt to produce tears was disgusting. She is a liar and got exactly what she deserved after initially escaping a murder charge. Send the children to Australia so they have a chance of becoming heathy adults. If they choose to return when they are of legal age to see this woman, then that is on them.

    2. I totally concur with you, Judge Whittenburg was wrong, and as seen in Feminist judges,their emotional thinking that woman are all virignal, and men are sexual devients.They haven't the capacity to see that woman can be evil.So God help the good fathers who only want to protect their children.

  2. ….continued


    It is almost uncouth to talk about financial issues in light of the appalling circumstances described above. And yet, the perpetual cycle of injustice is evidenced by the following summary of the rulings of these two judges against the Roberts family.

    To rub salt into the wounds caused by the 2004 award of child custody to the killer, Judge John P. Duffy decided that Michael could afford to pay a staggering $1,500 per month in child support to Tracey. She then went on to destroy his career and job opportunities by running a vicious internet smear campaign accusing him of the 2001 homicide and other crimes. Michael was only able to pay an average of $855 per month; in response Judge Duffy sentenced him to 30-days jail on two occasions for the short fall. Each time, friends and family made last-minute payments to the court and rescued Michael from jail.

    In the final divorce decree Judge Duffy left Tracey all cash assets, and Michael almost all the debts. He awarded Michael the family business that Tracey had completely destroyed, valuing it at $100,000.00. He then ordered Michael to pay additional $50,000.00 cash to Tracey based on the business valuation. One month later, after Michael's appeal window had passed, Judge Duffy issued an order that the business was insolvent but did not reverse the $50,000.00 payment to Tracey.

    After Tracey's murder conviction in 2011, Michael asked Judge Whittenburg to write off outstanding child support amounting to almost $40,000.00 against future child support Tracey would have otherwise had to pay had she not been in jail. Judge Whittenburg denied the request and ordered that Tracey should only pay Michael $20 per month until the children are grown, and Michael still had to pay the prisoner the outstanding $40,000.
    Michael now faces another contempt of court hearing and jail penalty if previous rulings are any indication of what is to come. If we can fund the appeal and stay of execution, this prospect will be mitigated.

    1. I am so disgusted at the American legal system to allow such ludicrousy to take place. My heart breaks for Micheal Roberts and his loved ones (also John Pitman and the fight he endured all those years) in the fight against the judicial system for what seems to be the obvious: ONE LOST THE RIGHT TO PARENT WHEN THEY PULLED THE TRIGGER. These poor men fell into a life of deceit, lies & control that goes along with 'Richter World of Madness'. Even Bert takes her name....if he could just step back & observe the vindictive nature and trend that we can all see. What a pair (mother/daughter) of disgusting people; the non-accountable attitude of Tracy is certainly a product of her environment being raised by that crazy woman ....the apple certainly didn't fall far from the tree.
      As for the judges in Michael's case described above, it's totally unimaginable and appalling that any man on the outside would have to pay $1500/mth to a convicted criminal, but TWENTY DOLLARS when the tables are turned.....ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Even Canada wouldn't do that and we're a hell of a lot nicer than Americans (in general)!! Fathers need to have more parenting rights and I wish the legal system would stop siding with mothers most of the time. It is unfair and not right.
      Best of Luck Michael Roberts, wife and children.

    2. The only reason Duffy ordered him to pay is HER court costs ect. she was bitching about that court took all her money,, lmao, she should not of killed a kid in cold blood, I hate this bitch!!!, I knew she a liar from day one, her dad was there, before cops even was called to stage the scene and he had said multi times, after she was arrested, she should of kept her mouth shut, he was a dirty cop from detroit. the apple don't fall from the tree, whatever happen to her mother?? they probably still scheming shit.

  3. Why the hell was Bert's testimony to his mothers story of the events that happened that night not given any weight. I mean he is the only other I witness too what happened . If Dustin had murdered his mother wouldn't Bert's testimony to that fact have been excepted?

    1. I see why you are anonymous after that stupid comment. he's her son, she could manipulate him just like she did the kid she murdered. dah

    2. Anonymous is probably the mother of Tracey who always has stupid comments.

    3. Why did Sac County Attorney Ben Smith hide away both murder suspect #2 Michael Roberts and the only other living witness interviewed by police the night of the deadly home invasion?

      The background story on this piece of evidence is that on December 13, 2001, two males invaded the home of Tracey Richter. Ms. Richter defended herself and her three young children and shot one of the intruders.

      The intruder was a male with emotional issues and certainly, even today has no business or clear personal connection to Tracey Richter.

      Back in 2001, the only witnesses to the events, Ms. Richter and her two young sons, present in the home, confirmed the legitimate fear of, or actual presence of a second intruder. There was certainly no evidence of any motive for Ms. Richter to have invited the intruder in and then shoot him. The intruder was a male with emotional issues and certainly, even today has no business or clear personal connection to Tracey Richter.

      In 2001 law enforcement knew, and Smith could have easily learned in 2011, that
      this living Male Suspect had the motive to harm Ms. Richter because he could have benefited from her death through financial gains (transfer of joint business interests or insurance) or through the removal of her as a barrier regarding more personal matters. This Male Suspect failed a lie detector test on the question of multiple intruders (which supported the testimony of Ms. Richter and her children) and regarding his connection to the intruder who was shot.

      The results of the lie detector showed the Male Suspect may be lying about one
      specific issue—why the intruder was in the home and who else was with him. That issue, that more than one person was there and that someone knew the intruders’ motives in being there—supported the testimony of the only three live witnesses to the event—Tracey Richter and two of her children.

      While there was no motive to connect Ms. Richter to the intruder, the intruder’s
      mother identified for the police (in 2001) the Male Suspect as someone who might harm her son.

      There was also evidence that the Male Suspect had a business connection to the
      deceased intruder through his mother. This not only supported the evidence of the Male Suspect’s connection to the intruder but fully exposed his motive to harm Tracey Richter.

      This was a case that for ten years, from 2001 to 2011, was vetted by an experienced
      prosecutor and law enforcement as at best, lending themselves to the inferences and conclusion that Tracey Richter was the victim and at worst, that revealed that a male suspect with motive to harm, knowing that there was more than one person in the house, and with a connection to the intruder, all of which supported Tracey’s version of events and the version of the two children in the home.

      In September of 2010, a new prosecutor was elected in Sac County. This person was
      Ben Smith. Through a series of events that are not entirely clear, Smith decided to reopen this case.


  4. There is a special place in hell waiting for Tracey Richter. She took advantage and murdered a man who was in special education classes. His father then committed suicide next to his grave a year later. How many lives has this demon ruined? The children's father should hammer into his children's heads what kind of disciple of Satan their mother is so that they will NOT want to visit her. That sheister Whittenburg is also a piece of crap. She is one of the reasons why the law profession is ruining this country.

  5. Because story account he told in court was not the same story he told in the days after the murder. He changed it multiple times and eventually it matched his mother's. This would make any logical person think twice about his testimony.

    1. Thank you for a genuine response instead of more insults like the ones I got from DDuke and Carmen Woods

    2. Delinquent child support payments owed to a woman serving life in prison for murder will be garnished to pay restitution to her victim’s family, an Iowa judge has ruled.

      Tracey Richter, 48, does not need the financial support that she is owed from her ex-husband because she no longer has any dependent children and doesn’t need money for herself, Judge Kurt Wilke ruled last week.

      Wilke ordered that $2,000 recently paid by Richter’s ex-husband, Michael Roberts, on his outstanding child support obligation will go toward the $150,000 restitution that Richter owes the family of victim Dustin Wehde.

      Richter is incarcerated in Mitchellville for the 2001 killing of 20-year-old Wehde in Early. She was convicted of first-degree murder in 2011 following a trial in which she unsuccessfully argued that she shot Wehde in self-defense to protect her children. Instead, jurors agreed with the prosecution that Richter killed Wehde as part of a plot to frame her first ex-husband, John Pitman, to gain an advantage in their custody fight.

  6. Just watched the fatal vows. I think they left out the 150,000 part of the dentist... anyways this women is disgusting. I just wanted to reach through the screen and keep smacking her. Selfish and narcissistic.

  7. A tornado of shame, that's all I can attribute to her. After a week of going over everything I can; Richter is a crazy sociopath, her delusions of immunity went so deep as she forgot she lived among real people. As for the custody issue, a man makes a trip in the mud and looses custody, a woman kills an innocent in cold blooded first degree and by decree deserves rights. This sickens me.

  8. Watching Fatal Vows. This is crazy. It's very clear how Tracey's behavior has been enabled by her mother. Her mother agrees with everything she does and even appears to believe all of her lies and finds her behavior totally acceptable. As a parent, I am very protective of my own children, but c'mon. This is nuts.

  9. 60-Minutes recently did a story on this case and it can be viewed here:


    1. Just watched that link. Very interesting and heartbreaking for everyone involved from this selfish, sociopath, narcissistic and histrionic woman who in my opinion did loose her rights when she got sentenced to life for taking a life. My heart goes out to the Roberts and Wedhe family. As far as her mother is concerned, she should be sticking by her daughter because she's her mom but to be in such denial and acting like the whole world is against Tracey is nuts. I've seen her in other interviews and have read some of her rants online and my belief is that Tracey got away with all her manipulative behavior starting with Dr Pitman and then the oral surgeon, then Michael because of Ann Richter. She was quoted in this episode as saying " I believe Tracey is a better mom behind bars than Michael is walking free". Wow!!! She says Michael is evil. What a position the poor children must be in because I'm sure they love both parents as I heard their son saying. They were with her for a significant amount of time and the bond was made. Very sad because someone is so selfish and self-serving. It should be up to the children what they want to do. They can write and still make phone calls.

  10. That monstress should rot in prison & as for her mother Anna Richter could either be oblivious or just another lying snake just like her sorry excuse for a outrageous pathological sociopath cold blooded black widow liar/murderer daughter whom still thinks she's innocent just to cover for her...

    1. Blood and vested interest often supersede all truth and reason as the Tracey Richter murder case has clearly shown.

  11. Hopefully, Michael will take his children, they will disappear and live happily ever after. The Wehde family can surely use a prayer or two. Tracey Richter will know hell long before death ends her journey.

  12. I am not sure if this is legit, but these are apparently recordings of Tracey's mother shortly before, and shortly after Michael said he was leaving Tracey:

    Before: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RnwL1ulY1JA

    After: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RnwL1ulY1JA

  13. This was posted on another site recently, allegedly by her ex-husband:

    More New Evidence Just Released

    TrueCrimeZine gets two scoops this week. I just uploaded more never before released evidence:

    EVIDENCE: Tracey Richter, Convicted Murderer More Documents Released From Pitman Divorce

    —- Begin Authorized Statement —-

    December 21, 2013

    The following PDF documents are available for download from the link at the bottom of the post:

    (1) 1992 Private Investigator Surveillance of Tracey Richter while Dr. Pitman was out of town.

    (2) 1993 Roger Mills letter about Tracey Richter’s abuse of her son Bert Pitman

    (3) 1994 Deposition of Gary Olinger, Tracey’s lover while married to Dr. Pitman.

    (4) 1994 Forgery confirmation Tracey Richter’s fraudulent life insurance policy on Dr. Pitman

    (5) Defamatory notice left on all cars in carpark where Dr. Pitman worked. Tracey told Michael that her mother Anna Richter was responsible for distribution.

    - See more at:

  14. And this is even more bizarre, Tracey's dad dies the same day she was convicted:

    Several people thought the timing of Tracey's dad's death was odd considering he died on or about the day Tracey was found guilty. Also, Tracey's mom Anna was in town for the murder trial (she had moved to Omaha while he remained in NW Iowa), Anna had recently filed two separate abuse charges against Tracey's dad, and Anna had separated from him. She probably needed cash for Tracey’s defense, and Anna apparently gets her estranged husband's police pension after he died.


    Click on "Filings" once you find the correct cases.

    Case: 03111 SMSM042890 (BUENA VISTA)

    Case: 03111 SRCR040821 (BUENA VISTA)

    1. I strongly believe that Ann Richter had something to do with his death. The timing and the fact she needed money is plenty of motive.

  15. Tracey richter one scheming dangerous The prosecutor who convicted Tracey Richter said he was ... “She's dangerous and everybody keeps underestimating her,” Sac County Attorney Ben Smith said. ... and another man broke into her home while she watched her children. ... In an affidavit supporting Roberts, Smith said the letter was one of http://topusachannels.blogspot.com/2013/03/investigation-discovery-live.html

  16. I am sorry to say but I think everyone is wrong in this situation. I find it rather odd of Mr Smith, whom I am assuming is remaining anonymous is a complete douchebag and I think he set her up. Its funny how if you watch the 2nd trial how the judge keeps telling him that his job basically is on the line. Why did he not disclose all of the sticky notes?? He is hiding something and also why is it the previous prosecutor is also against Mr Smith?? I find that rather odd. Also why is it if you go to ripoffreport.com it shows it shows how her ex-husband the 2nd douchebag is getting complaints filed against him for lieing and stealing money?? Plus why would you try and leave the country?? Something just doesn't add up here at all! I thin Ben Smith is a douchebag and an idiot as you can see how uncomfortable he is in the footage of the 2nd trial. I feel bad for this lady and her family. I hope karma does come around for Ben Smith because if he knowingly lied about what he knows and did try and use intimidation he is in the WRONG!!!!

    1. In my opinion, you are obviously just part of the smear campaign against him including those bogus ripoff reports that mean nothing because we all know who's behind those. EVERYTHING adds up that she is evil, narcissistic, psychopathic and nasty. She and her mother will ruin Bert if they haven't already. Ben Smith was completely professional. Tracey didn't need anybody to set her up - she did that herself.

    2. He's has bee ruined by those poor excuses of women and mothers for that matter a long time ago😔

  17. How was Tracey able to appear on Dateline, out of prison and in normal clothes???

  18. Tracey Richters mother Anna Richter just had a warrant served to seize her computer and flash drives for harrassing prosecution witnesses and defaming anyone who didn't believe Tracey Richter was innocent. The apple didn't fall far from the tree in this family.

  19. I knew Tracey when she lived in Colorado. Looking at how things turned out and reflecting on her back then. She was quite the manipulator. She had many of us woven into her world. Bert was a great little boy, so sad to see how she screwed him up.

  20. Stark reality is that for all the crap she is flinging and lies she is spreading she will never set foot outside of prison again. This has to be a comfort for all those she is harassing.

  21. Michael Roberts is my brother-in-law. I am naval officer, and I have sworn to protect Michael, my sister and all their children even if I had to myself kill and go to prison for it. Tracey "T-Rex" Richter is a predatory animal in human being's guise and should be kept behind the bars for the rest of her miserable life. Preferably lock welded shut.

    This whole issue would be stuff for a bad crime book or TV episode if it wasn't true and touched my own family. What makes it even more tragicomic is that the question is not about white trash but upper middle class SWPL.

    1. I hope your brother can finally bring his kids to Australia. The judge that is making him take them to visit their mother is an idiot. Why does he have to pay back child support when she is in jail. Just shows that the justice system in the US is broken as it is here.

  22. To Anon Sp 19, 2015 @ 4:04 AM,
    First off;
    Thank you for serving our country. My husband is USN, Ret. ✌
    I live in Calif. and don't recall hearing about that crime nor the name Tracey Richter- until stumbling upon some site where the son is trying to raise funds and seeks justice to free his mother who was falsely convicted of murder for defending her family "in a house invasion ..."
    All Bert does is spout off about how the DA, Police, Detectives, media, and jury, are all guilty of moral corruption, laziness, incompetence, etc...which are key factors for his mom's incarceration. Yet rather telling, is how Bert fails to provide any concrete evidence that shows corruption- or reasons that prove- his mom is not guilty.
    If the Tracey Richter defenders had any basic reading comprehension skills, they'd soon see through the implausible story Bert puts out there.
    *Copied and pasted from Bert's forum asking for $$. This snippet is Bert's wording and misspellings:
    [ "She eventally regained conciousness and went for the gunsafe in her bedroom. After a struggle, she shot and killed one of the attackers, while the other was able to flee the scene."]

    SMH- After being attacked and was strangled, she EVENTUALLY regains consciousness, goes for the gun-safe in her bedroom...then AFTER a struggle she shot and killed one attacker and the 2nd attacker ran off...
    Hmmm...So- what were the attackers doing while Tracey was "unconscious?" How in the hell did she manage to make it to the gun safe, unlock the safe, get the gun, fight/struggle with the attackers, overpowering and killing one, while scaring off the 2nd man.
    What was the so called second attacker doing while all this went down. What was the now deceased attacker- (first attacker) doing while killer Tracey was taking time to get into the gunsafe?

    That scenario is riddled with more holes than a sieve. Implausible and laughable as well. Nuff said.

    As for the other Anon comment on Aug 17th @ 9:05PM-
    GFY ��

    ~Monica D.

    1. If only Columbo were there, right? lol

    2. Lol good point,I love Columbo to death,he always get to the bottom of the crime.Watching him now and watching the Id which aired the Tracy Ricter which is a lunatic,she need to rot n jail.

  23. She is not from Iowa. WE CAUGHT HER. Stop projecting your empty-headed stereotypes on us.

  24. All I can say is my mother was acquitted in a Dallas Murder in the 60's. No one on the jury was willing to pull a loving mother from her doting kids. So we got to spend the next 40 years with her terrorizing us. She ruined marriages and drove my father to suicide. I know this has nothing to do with Richter except that people have to stop thinking a pretty face is indicative of innocence.

  25. Monica if you are looking for plausibility and continuity in a killer's statement you would do better to try and borrow an oil well from the Ayatollah Khomeini

  26. I commented about my mother's involvement in a murder back in the 60's. She had one guy set up another guy to rob him and they screwed up and killed him. She told our family one guy was saving her from being raped. No one in the family ever asked her why she was in Dallas rather than with her husband where she was supposed to be in Denver. People that kill with no compunction will also tell lies. They are Liars L-I-A-R-S. They will spout crap until someone buys it.

  27. If any body would like to see the clippings from my dear ma-ma here you go. For a while they were asking the death penalty because of the egregious nature of the crime.

  28. To listen to my mother and father you would have thought by my mother's acquittal made her victims casket pop out of the ground and him stepping out and doing a jig. No one wins here. It's just varying degrees of loss. My mothers victim is still dead. We were still bankrupted by her trial. She still drove my father to suicide. And she still didn't care. Her accomplice did 14 years before he paroled out. The victims people that are rarely heard from all have the most horrific memories bouncing around in their skulls FOREVER. It was all worth it for her to walk. To the people that refuse to acknowledge an obviously guilty person doesn't change a thing. No one left in their wake can file a habeas petition to right the injustice done to us it's all done now and forever. I am not sure what my point is really. I guess that there is no free lunch. For them to run rough shod over us makes us pay for their crime twice. Then and now.

  29. Tracey Richter is a Narcissist and no doubt a Psychopath with spectrum B disorders

    1. I totally agree, Justice has been served. May she spend the rest of her natural life in prison, right where she belongs. Murderers do not belong free. I feel badly for all those peoples lives she's damaged. Hopefully, she's on meds in prison so she won't feel like harming anyone else.

  30. As a farather of 4 I'm discussed with the Duffy (dummy) rulings. Not totally surprised though. GOes without saying she is guilty. US government is wondering why the public is losing faith and starting up right wing groups. We can only hope that Ricker, her mother, the paid character assasinator and the judges all get to face a greater judge and account for there sins.

  31. just saw fatal vows. boy, i guess not all ostriches live in australia. talk about denial. wow!

  32. Tracy Richter deadly women on Id omitted so much

  33. To say Sac County Attorney Ben Smith went after Tracey Richter with an obsession, if not vengeance, would be fair even by his assessment.

    Here is a clip that is posted on a Facebook group named:

    Tracey Richter Innocence

    Sac County Attorney Ben Smith, states his hate of Tracey Richter whose survived both domestic and sexual assault, as did her children, one of whom according to two separate medical teams had been sexually assaulted by his father, who was a murder suspect in the death of Dustin Wehde.


  34. It's quite obvious that you hate women. News flash: bad people come in all sizes, shapes, genders, colors, ages, whatever. To state that women are "greedy, evil, vengeful, conniving, psychopaths" and that female murderers are "the norm" is patently ridiculous, much like saying ALL males are like Ted Bundy or Peter Kurten.

  35. I agree 👍🏼. Couldn't have said it better than that 🤬