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Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Talking Parrot Murder Case

     In 2015, Martin "Marty" Duram and his wife Glenna resided in Sand Lake, Michigan, a village of 500 people in the southwestern part of the state. In their mid-forties, the couple had been married 15 years. They each had children from previous marriages.

     According to their children, and people who knew them, the Durams, both quick tempered types, argued a lot over money. They had a so-called love-hate relationship.

     Glenna Duram liked to gamble at local casinos. In 2010, she lost $75,000 to the slot machines. In April 2015, Mr. Duram learned to his shock and dismay that their house was in foreclosure. Glenna Duram, instead of paying their bills, had gambled the money away.

     On the night of May 13, 2015, police and emergency personnel were summoned to the Duram house following a shooting. Officers found the couple in their bedroom lying next to each other. Mr. Duram had been shot five times, once in the head. He lay dead among six shell casings. Mrs. Duram had a superficial head wound and was conscious.

     When asked by the police who shot her and her husband, Glenna Duram said she didn't know. She also became combative when paramedics tried to take her out of the house for medical treatment. She kept yelling, "Why are you doing this to Marty."

     Police officers at the scene found no evidence of forced entry, and nothing had been taken from the house. Mr. Duram was found clutching a clump of hair. Officers also discovered, in the living room, three manila envelopes containing suicide notes signed by Mrs. Duram and addressed to her children. In these notes she apologized for being such a disappointment.

     The dead man's parents, Lilian and Chuck Duram, told the authorities they believed Glenna Duram had murdered their son during a violent argument. At this point the police suspected a failed murder-suicide. When questioned again by the police after she had fully recovered from her head wound, Glenna Duram claimed to have no memory of the shooting.

     Soon after the murder, Christina Keller, Mr. Duram's ex-wife, took custody of Bud, the former couple's 20-year-old African Gray parrot. In late May 2015, Bud began squawking in voices that sounded like a man and a woman arguing. In the man's voice, Bud said, "Don't f…ing shoot!" Christina Keller video taped the parrot's crime scene re-creation for the police.

     As of June 2016, no one has been charged with Martin Duram's murder. Christina Keller, in the wake of the killing, established a Facebook page titled: "Justice For Marty Duram."

     If Glenna Duram had shot and killed her husband, there should be plenty of physical evidence pointing to her guilt. The authorities in charge of the case have been tight-lipped about the status of their investigation. As a result, there are a lot of unanswered questions such as: were Glenna Duram's fingerprints on the murder gun? Did gunshot residue indicate she had recently fired a handgun? Was the hair clump in the dead man's hand from his wife's head? What did the crime scene blood spatter analysis reveal? Has Mrs. Duran been given a polygraph test?

     If Glenna Duram didn't kill her husband, who did, and why didn't the shooter finish her off? And finally, is the talking parrot video tape legally admissible evidence of Glenna Duram's guilt?


  1. But the parrot saying in a man's voice "don't shoot" doesn't tell anyone the identity of the shooter.

  2. this is really interesting. I mean, there should be enough evidence WITHOUT the parrot testimony... but those are all interesting thought provoking questions at the end!