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Monday, October 2, 2017

Are Writers Crazy?

     Writing, even if you approach it as a hobby, is a highly competitive field that takes every ounce of focus and talent that you can bring to the table. If you don't work at it, you have no right to complain that others are more successful than you are. This is not a job for the lazy. Writing has to be your number one priority. [If it's your number one priority, it's more than a hobby.]

     And, yes, all this focus and drive will make you a little crazy….The real truth of the matter is that the writing life is not a life of grace, but insanity. So take good care of yourself and get some sleep because you're going to need your strength. [If sleep is your number one priority, then writing is your hobby. Regarding priority, I'd put keeping your sanity pretty high on the list. If writing makes you crazy, stop doing it. I don't see the advantage of a mental ward orderly advising you that your book has just come out.]

N. M. Kelly, The Constant Art of Being a Writer, 2009

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