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Monday, June 9, 2014

Criminal Justice Quote: Self Inflicted Gunshot Wounds

     Gunshot deaths are relatively straightforward when compared to other deaths that can be easily masked.  [For example, drownings, poisonings, and falls.] The challenge in these fatalities is determining whether the one-shot deaths are suicides, and even those can be difficult because there have been cases of people firing multiple shots into themselves. [That is extremely rare.]

     There are two common characteristics to look for in gunshot wound cases: close contact between the muzzle [the business end of the barrel] and the skin will produce a scorching effect, depositing soot around the wound [tattooing]; and the entry wound wound will be smaller and more rounded than the exit wound, which will be much larger and jagged.

Jarrett Hallcox and Amy Welch, Bodies We've Buried, 2006 

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