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Monday, September 10, 2018

Female Serial Killers

…..Female serial killers are rare, so much that [profiler] Roy Hazelwood of the FBI is quoted as saying, "There is no such thing as a female serial killer." While they are rare, experts now agree that Hazelwood had it wrong, the crimes do take place. Female serial killers, unlike their male counterparts, generally pick people who are close to them, either physically or emotionally. Also the depictions of sex with the victim either before or after their death are quite rare with female killers.

     According to Psychology Today,  female serial killers' careers can last a lot longer than their male counterparts. They have an average of nine victims….The Psychology Today article suggests that female serial killers are actually a lot more common than people think….

     Extensive research is being done to understand the female serial killer. As time goes on some experts believe that the idea of a female serial killer will not be as rare as it once was. Right now the most prolific female killers are the ones who kill family members or their own young, although there was a very prolific serial killer in Japan who killed babies and told the parents that the baby was still-born….

Rachel Woodruff, "Craigslist Accused Killer Murdered at Least 22," Liberty Voice, February 16, 2014 

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