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Monday, October 22, 2012

Gregory Lacy, LaQuron McLean, Seven Adopted Children, a Corpse, and A Lot of Questions

     Gregory Bernard Lacy, 60, and LaQuron D. McLean-Lacy 43, lived with seven adopted children in a two-story house in a Perris, California subdivision of newer homes near the Ramona Expressway in Riverside County. During the early morning hours of July 22, 2012, sheriff's deputies responded to the Lacy dwelling in the Mar Ranch subdivision. Someone had reported shots being fired in front of the house.

     The Riverside County deputies, upon rolling up to the residence, found 46-year-old Calvin Lynch dead in the front yard from a single bullet. While Lynch, from Moreno Valley, California, had presumably been murdered, there have been no arrests in connection with his death. Moreover, the authorities have released no information regarding the dead man's connection to the occupants of the house, the results of his autopsy, or if there are any suspects in the fatal shooting. We don't even know if the police have the murder weapon, or what had transpired just before the shooting.

     In searching the Lacy/McLean home that night, deputies discovered that the first-floor had been converted into a home strip-club complete with a stage and an erotic dancer's pole. In the kitchen, officers found a quantity of ecstasy pills. The police also learned that the couple's seven adopted children were all under eleven years old.

     Four months after Calvin Lynch was found death in the Lacy/McLean front yard, Gregory Lacy and LaQuron McLean were arrested on charges of child abuse. The children told the police and child protection agents that their adopted parents had beaten them with their fists, clothes hangers, and other objects. The kids were frequently locked into rooms, and often went without food. One of the girls accused Mr. Lacy of sexual assault. The children also reported being in the house during the all-night stripper parties.

     Gregory Lacy, charged with lewd acts on a child under ten, and one count of felony child abuse, is being held at the Robert Presley Detection Center in Riverside under $1 million bond. McLean, charged with two felony child abuse offenses, was incarcerated under $50,000 bail. The children are in protective custody. Both of the defendants have convictions for driving under the influence. Lacy was once arrested for driving without a license.

     Who are these people? And how did they end up with seven adopted children? Why did it take four months after the discovery of the strip club setup to bring the child abuse charges? Some of the other questions raised by this case include how Lacy and McLean (I don't know if they are married) managed to run a suburban strip club in the middle of a subdivision. Weren't there complaints about the noise, traffic, and the children's exposure to these all-night events? And why weren't there any arrests associated with the discovery of the ecstasy pills? What in the hell was going on in this house? 


  1. the mothers ex-husband, and legal adoptive father to these children is David McLean of San Jacinto. You can find him on facebook. I am sure he would be iterested in helping you connect the dots as he is trying to regain custody of their 7 children.

  2. you are no better than those two you knew the kind of bitch you married I have 2 grandchildren caught up in that bullshit you don't need them eatherits hard to belive you had no clue to what was going on

  3. Frederick JohnsonJuly 14, 2014 at 11:58 PM

    There must not be much going on . A man has been in jail two yrs. without charges being brought, or charges being dropped and he is not allowed to go home. Everyone has a right to a speedy trial. Where is Gregory Lacy's speedy trial?