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Monday, May 8, 2017

Mega Millions Lottery Odds

     [In state mega millions lotteries], the incredibly remote odds [250 million to one] don't really sink in for people. They don't really understand probabilities at all. Once you have a bunch of zeroes, it doesn't matter how many you have--one in 10,000, one in a million or one in a billion….

     When people are desperately sick, there's always a part of the brain that thinks there will be a miracle cure. It you want something to be true, your brain is awfully good at figuring out reasons, magical ones, that there's a good likelihood that it is true. The desire to win does drive a certain kind of frenzied optimism.

Professor George Loewenstein as quoted in an Associated Press article by Sharon Cohen, December 17, 2013


  1. Life is a game; as similar as MegaMillions, EuroMillions, Powerball and other Lotto games. They who afraid to take a bet in making any decision, will never win anything in life. That's sad but true!

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  2. Lotteries are often called a tax on the innumerate. I have a slightly different take. If you're stupid enough to think of lottery tickets as your best chance of getting rich, they probably are.