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Monday, March 25, 2013

Crime Bulletin: California Daycare Worker Debbie Gratz Spiked Sippy Cups With a Sleep Aid

     In college, it doesn't take much to put students to sleep. A good number of them come to class half-drunk or drugged, and a lot of professors are really boring. In preschool, however, kids tend to be wide awake, and in many cases, pains-in-the-neck. So what can a daycare worker do to calm these little buggers down?

     Recently, at the Morgan Hill Kiddie Academy (sounds prestigious) in Morgan Hill, California, a 59-year-old daycare worker named Debbie Gratz came up with a solution to the hyper-kid problem. She was seen by a colleague spiking kids' sippy cups with the sleep aid Sominex. She must have figured that if you lace their little drinks with sleeping pills, they will drop like flies. Night-night sweet princes and princesses.

     Apparently Morgan Hill Kiddie Academy administrators did not approve of Gratz's behavior altering methodology because they called the police. Following a search of the daycare worker's dwelling, officers took her into custody. Charged with felony child endangerment, Gratz had to wait for her arraignment in the Santa Clara County Jail. According to reports, she has confessed to spiking the kiddie drinks with Sominex. This will not look good on her resume.


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