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Friday, August 2, 2019

The John Valluzzo Police-Involved Shooting Case

     John Valluzzo, a wealthy, 75-year-old entrepreneur, businessman, and philanthropist, lived in a 9,000-square foot mansion in the historic town of Ridgefield, Connecticut. In 1995, the Army veteran funded and helped finance the Military Museum of Southern New England located in Danbury, Connecticut. Valluzzo made his fortune in manufacturing and real estate. He owned a world-class rare book collection as well as a home in Palm Springs, Florida.

     On Friday, May 24, 2013, Valluzzo's 53-year-old girlfriend, Anna Parille, had come to the estate to pick up some clothing for a wedding she planned to attend. Although Parille owned a house in Danbury, she occasionally resided with Valluzzzo in Ridgefield. Parille also owned an award-winning video production company called Inside Look, TV. Before becoming a successful real estate agent, she had operated, for 18 years, a nursery school called Kenosia Kids. Parille hosted a television show, and had published a children's book.

     According to reportage in The New York Times, at five-thirty that Friday evening, Anna Parille phoned a friend in Florida. During that call, Parille reported that she and Valluzzo were fighting and that he was drunk and was brandishing a gun. The friend, on her own without Parille's knowledge, called the Ridgefield Police Department and reported a domestic disturbance at the Valluzo estate.

     When officers rolled up to the mansion they were greeted by Valluzzo who stood in his yard armed with a handgun. Officer Jorge Romero, a seven-year veteran of the force with the Bridgeport Police Department, ordered Valluzzo to drop the weapon. Instead of complying with that command, Valluzzo raised his gun. Officer Romero responded by shooting the armed man several times. Valluzzo died later that night at a hospital in Danbury.

     The New York Times, relying on information provided by a friend of Anna Parille's who witnessed the incident, published a narrative at odds with the police version of the shooting. The New York Times version involved the police entering the Valluzzo house through a back portico off the kitchen. One of the officers yelled, "Freeze! Freeze!" before he shot Mr. Valluzzo as he stood in his kitchen. Immediately after the shooting, Officer Romero reportedly said, "What did I do?" as other officers tried to console him.

     By all accounts, Jorge Romero, a good-natured, low-key man, had been an excellent police officer. In April 2013, he received a commendation for his May 2012 investigation of 26 car burglaries. The Ridgefield chief of police placed Romero on desk duty pending the investigation of the shooting by the New York State Police.

     It didn't matter where Mr. Valluzzo stood when Officer Romero shot him as long as Mr. Valluzzo possessed a handgun and raised it in a manner that threatened the officer. Simply because Officer Romero expressed remorse over the shooting did not necessarily render the lethal force unjustified.

     In July 2014, State Attorney Stephen J. Sedensky announced that under Connecticut law, officer Romero had been justified in shooting Mr. Valluzzo.


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  2. It must be awesome to be a cop today. Go to someone's estate. Go all the way up to their driveway. Go into their home. AND MURDER THEM IN COLD BLOOD!!!! All in self defense of course, Full on Israeli style!!! Heck, you might even get to keep a souvenir like the Israelis when they get to keep the land, homes, and farmland after they murder Palestinians.

    So basically, you can go into anyone's home and when they are pissed off and tell you to get off their property and they have their own gun as they should and they have the 2nd amendment which guarantees that they can defend their homes, you still get to kill them. Officer Romero used to joke that Ridgefield wasn't anything like Bridgeport, guess he was there to turn Ridgefield into Bridgeport.

    So glad he got off in more ways than one. The shooting was justified of course even though the cops basically INVADED someone's rather vast home. In most states when someone comes on your property uninvited, it's called a home invasion. Guess when cops do it, it's okay. They have the right to come on into your home any time they please and kill you any time they please.

    If that old coot wasn't hurting anyone and he was wandering around his place with a gun, HE HAS THE RIGHT TO DO THAT, IT'S HIS PROPERTY AND HE CAN DAMN WELL DO IT AS LONG AS HE DOESN'T HURT ANYONE WHICH HE DID NOT.

    The only invaders, criminals, and wrong-doers were the cops cause no innocent cop ever says, "what have I done" over and over again when they are not guilty.

    Too many people getting shot up by these rogue criminals day in and day out today. Getting choked to death. Getting shot in a dark stairwell while trying to go out with a girlfriend. Getting shot by mistake when they break down the wrong door.

    Wake up people. This is called POLICE STATE and nothing good will ever come of it but YOUR DEATH.