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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Frank Caira: The Ecstasy Cook Who Plotted to kill the Wrong People

     Murder for hire masterminds are almost as stupid as for ransom kidnappers. They almost always get caught, and end up getting sentenced to life. As a murder-for-hire mastermind, Frank Caira was interesting because he worked at Northwestern University as a medical researcher, and used workplace chemicals to manufacture Ecstasy pills in his suburban Chicago home.

     In 2009, a federal grand jury, relying on evidence uncovered by DEA agent Patrick Bagley, indicted the married, 41-year-old Downers Grove, Illinois drug manufacturer. In December 2009, when Caira realized the best plea deal he could get involved 14 year behind bars, he decided to hire someone to kill DEA agent Bagley and Shoshanan Gillers, the assistant United States Attorney in charge of his prosecution.

     Because Caira didn't know any hit men, he reached out to his friend, Jack Mann. They met on a bench at the Oak Branch Shopping Center. Mann said he knew a gang member who might commit the double murder.

     After being approached by Mann, the gang member tipped off the authorities. After that, all of Caira's murder for hire meetings were secretly recorded. In the summer of 2011, with the would-be hit man and Jack Mann as key prosecution witnesses, the federal grand jury found Caira guilty of soliciting two murders. (Murder-for-hire is a federal crime as well as a state offense.)

     On July 6, 2012, the federal judge sentenced Frank Caira to 82 years in prison. To reporters, his attorney said this: "People like Mr. Caira don't deserve to die in jail." Really? If a man who tried to have two federal law enforcement officers murdered doesn't belong in prison for life, no one does. While defense attorneys are known to say ridiculous things on behalf of their clients, this comment is beyond the pale. 


  1. I think you confuse your facts and realities. The truth is people who actually do murder people, are not always sentenced to life.

    Therefore, why sentence someone to life for the threat of a crime, when people who actually commit that very crime may not get such a draconian sentence.

    Had he committed a double murder, or there were injured parties, then you could trumpet the harsh sentence.

    However, just as in civil lawsuits one must prove damages they incurred from someone who broke the law, not just that the law was broken, I see no damages other than the hysteria that law enforcement loves to brainwash the public as being omnipotent figures who keep society civilized -- typical right-wing gospel that results in a police-state mindset where people are all heathens and need police to keep us savages from harming each other -- versus the left-wing view that promotes big government to keep people from harming themselves.

  2. Mr. Fisher,

    Did you attend the trial?

    The confidential informant was wearing a wire and was instructed and paid by the FBI to get Frank Caira to meet him. Frank Caira never met with this man...There was no payment..there was no plot...No one was in danger.
    The CI was convicted of murder and served 10 he is out and working the system.

    The recording were mostly Mann and the Latin King Gang Member. Frank Caira was avoiding them and was in fear for his life. what happened.

    There are people who have killed others and are walking our streets. What is the FBI doing about those cases?

  3. Mr. Fisher:

    You are full of shit and know absolutely nothing about criminal prosecution, justice, due process and what really happens in those federal agencies that are more corrupt than your everyday street gang in Chicago! I DO!!!

    I've been fighting federal corruption in Chicago courts for 32 uninterrupted years. I'm on my way to a minimum, minimum federal facility in Loretto, Pensylvania. My crime? I blew the whistle on a former business-to-business consulting client because he and his mistress failed to pay corporate income taxes for twenty years and owe the U.S. Treasury - IRS $216 million dollars of which I am entitled to $61 million as a Whistleblower's Award - Form 211 IRS. But first I have to go to prison for forging a $350.00 check I made payable to the Clerk of the Court in the case of Chapman v. U.S. Marshal, (citations omitted).

    A former Justice Department lawyer, 84 year old David Schippers (the one who impeached president Clinton) called in all of political capital and "fixed this case all the way to the top". Although I had, power-of-attorney; signature cards; corporate resolutions to allow me to write a check to anyone, at any time, for any amount, including myself, and the testimony of the bank manager that I had the authority to do what I did, I'm convicted for 60 months because Mr. Schippers said that he was going to make an example out of me.

    The Judge is in on it! He and David Shipper's are good friends. The Secret Service Agents and all others did what they were "TOLD" to do!

    My former client paid a federal agency $2.5 million dollars to grease the wheels for official misconduct; prosecutorial misconduct and my constitutional violations. Now, the IRS won't have to pay me anything. My former Client Judy Gray and Cassim Igram the ones who should really be in prison, chartered a private plane and shipped $216 million worth of valuable antiques to 8 Little College Street, London, England, a ten million dollar home that I arranged for them to purchase and pay with cash and all U.S. Currency.

    My defense attorneys were in on the deal too! They were "intimidated to the point of malpractice" and were criminally ineffective.

    What does this have to do with Frank Caira? He was my "cellie" at the Metropolitan Correctional Center "MCC" in Chicago. They don't come any finer than Frank!

    Mr. Fisher, Remember! As I said, you don't know shit about reality! Go and write about something in children's books!

    Lamar C. Chapman III
    Oak Brook, Illinois - USA

  4. The FBI set Frank Caira up.

    They paid the so called hit man Ricardo Ruiz $1500 to convince Jack Mann to visit the federal records room and see if Caira really had a dope case.

    Wow. Without the act of furtherance the FBI had no case. Then the act of furtherance became the threat. Is this justice?

    The Northern US Attorney's Office transfers the case to Indiana but steers the case to a Northern District court room and a Northern District judge who has been labeled unfit by the legal community.

    The case is led by a northern district prosecutor. Hmmm. The victim is in control of their own case. A bit of conflict? Appears to me like prosecutorial misconduct.

    Jack Mann and Ricardo Ruiz should have received the same sentence.

    God bless those who are incarcerated illegally.