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Wednesday, January 1, 2020

2019: The Year of the Mass Murder

     When four or more people, excluding the killer, are murdered in the course of one killing spree, the homicide is called a mass murder. At one time, and not that long ago, mass murder cases were rare. Today in the U. S., we average one every nine days.

     Most mass murder incidents fall into one of four general categories: gang related shootings, school massacres, suicidal adults who murder their families, and workplace murders committed by disgruntled employees.

     According to a database compiled by the Associated Press, USA Today, and Northeastern University, 41 mass murder cases were recorded in 2019, the highest number of such incidents in American history. In 2006, there were 38 cases, another big year for mass murder.

     Regarding the number of mass murder fatalities in one year, 2017 tops the list with 224 victims. In 2019, mass murderers killed 211 people.

     Over the past fifteen years, while overall criminal homicide rates have declined, mass murder has been on the rise. While psychiatrists, psychologists, criminologists, and politicians have talked a lot about why this is happening, no one has a clue. Perhaps this is because deviant, pathological behavior is beyond understanding, a fact so-called experts won't acknowledge. 

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