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Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Silence is Golden

Thanks to cable news, the Internet, and talk radio, the world is polluted with the spoken word. There was a time when words silently lifted off the page and drifted into our minds. Today, the air is filled with talk-- conversations, discussions, debates, and commentary. The subjects include sports, crime, politics, the weather, celebrities--you name it. The talking never stops. For many it creates frustration, anger, anxiety, depression, envy, and fear. It rips at the fabric of our society, splits us into groups, makes some people a little crazy. 


  1. My sweet husband has the most infuriating habit: he goes to sleep with the TV on. Full volume. It helps him sleep, he says. Every night. It is maddening! All the noise, especially the cop shows and cowboy movies. Fortunately, he goes to sleep quite quickly so I can sneak up and turn the volume down... all the way down. The fact that I am quite sure that I have at least a habit or two that drives him nuts as well is what keeps me from committing first-degree murder! Plus I look utterly dreadful in black.

  2. You both have found a way to cope with all the noise.