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Wednesday, September 2, 2020

The Angry American

     On October 27, 2018, Mayra Bernice Gallo, after purchasing food at a Santa Ana, California McDonald's drive-through window, got out of her car and entered the back door to the restaurant and asked an employee for more ketchup. The fast-food worker said they would gladly do that if Gallo re-entered the restaurant through the front door and made her request there. Enraged by this response, Gallo attacked the fast-food worker by punching, choking, and bashing the victim's head against a drink machine. While fellow workers tried to intervene, the assault ended when a man entered the back door of the restaurant and pulled Gallo off her victim. A McDonald's surveillance camera recorded the entire incident.

     A month after the unprovoked attack, officers with the Santa Ana Police Department took the 24-year-old into custody. The officers booked her into the Orange County Jail on the charge of assault.

     The Gallo case illustrates what has become a common phenomena in American life: criminal assaults sparked by trivial slights. We are living in a hair-trigger society where violence resides just beneath a veneer of civility and order.

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