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Saturday, June 19, 2021

Pedophiles and the Catholic Priesthood

A difficult but fair question: Why would a pedophile, a man who craves sex with boys, go into the priesthood? Perhaps such a person truly believes that such behavior is not sinful, or maybe there is hope that once he becomes a priest he will be able to control his perverted sexual urges. The pedophile might become a priest simply because it gives him access to easy prey. While cynical and hard to accept, that may explain it best. How did this all get started, and where will it all end? When will the Catholic Church stop being such a friendly place for sexual abusers? 


  1. It's not strictly pedophilia; it's predatory homosexuality, as most of the victims appear to be young men rather than children. And the RCC will never change.

  2. I'm catholic and ashamed of how the church has handled this for years. The church is run by human beings and they are not perfect. This doesn't effect my faith in God, the church is a business.
    Pope's years back were also corrupt and took advantage of their position. Jesus told Peter to spread his good word not create a corrupt church. Human beings have been imperfect in many endeavors. This is where the corruption occurred. Not God's word.