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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Dr. Marian Antoinette Patterson: The Employer From Hell

     In 2018, Dr. Marian Antoninette Patterson, a 1995 graduate of the Medical College of Georgia, practiced medicine at the Family Medical Practice in Valdosta, Georgia. In February 2018, the Georgia Composite Medical Board suspended Dr. Patterson after members of her staff complained of being threatened by her of physical violence.

     According to one of Dr. Patterson's employees, the doctor threatened to cut this employee from her throat to her private parts. Another member of the doctor's staff reported the doctor's threat to cut off her head and roll it down the hallway, but not before she brought the employee's children in to witness the beheading. When terrified employees said they were calling 911, Doctor Patterson allegedly promised that they would be dead before the arrival of the police.

     An employee of the Family Medical Practice alleged that Dr. Patterson kept her from leaving the office by grabbing her arm. Dr. Patterson was also accused of throwing a reflex hammer at an employee. The doctor also, according a complainant, pulled her medical diploma off the wall and stomped on it.

     On March 5, 2018, the Georgia Medical Board suspended Dr. Patterson's license to practice.

     Valdosta police officers, on April 25, 2018, booked Marian Antoinette Patterson into the Lowndes County Jail on three counts of terroristic threats and one count of false imprisonment. Shortly after being taken into custody, the suspect posted her bail and was released. 

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