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Saturday, March 2, 2019

Thornton P. Knowles On Psychic Detectives

I don't believe in ghosts, Big-Foot, UFOs, alien abductions, Elvis sightings, spontaneous human combustion, or the Loch Ness Monster. I also don't believe in fortune tellers, soothsayers, and so-called psychic detectives who inject themselves into high profile missing person and murder cases. The words "psychic" and "detective" do not belong next to each other. Psychic detectives claim credit for locating missing persons by embellishing and changing, after the fact, their initial predictions and visions. It's all a load of crap. If psychic detectives could do what they claim, there would be no such thing as a missing child. There wouldn't be unsolved murders. Moreover, we would have been spared the assassinations of John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and Robert Kennedy. But in an era of magical thinking and stupid beliefs, millions of people buy into this paranormal nonsense. Today, it's all about what a person believes, not what he or she knows. Police detectives who allow psychic detectives to waste their time, should find another line of work.

Thornton P. Knowles 

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