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Monday, May 30, 2022

Dr.Thomas Woodrow Price: A Headmaster's Double Life

     In 2007 Dr. Thomas Woodrow Price, known to his friends as "Woody," became the headmaster of the Branson School, a private college preparatory institution in California's upscale Marin County in the San Francisco bay area. Students of the school--320 of them--paid an annual tuition of $39,475.

     The 54-year-old headmaster and his wife resided in the suburban community of Ross. Price's wife was the principal of the Prospect Sierra School, a private preparatory institution in El Cerrito, California. Dr. Price and his wife exemplified the upper middle class rewards of higher education and ambition. They were highly respected members of their affluent community.

     Thomas Price had earned a master's degree in education administration from Columbia University in New York City. He went on to acquire a doctorate in education leadership from the University of Pennsylvania, another Ivy League school. Before moving to Marin County he held administrative positions at the Newman School in New Orleans and the Abington Friends School in Philadelphia.

     On the evening of Friday October 3, 2014, deputies with the Sacramento County Sheriff's Office responded to a 911 call from a young man who said his 21-year-old girlfriend was holed up in a hotel room doing drugs with an older man. The 911 caller identified his girlfriend as Brittany Hall and said she and the man were staying at the Hyatt Place off Highway 50 in Rancho Cordova, a suburban community 15 miles east of Sacramento. The hotel was located about 100 miles from Dr. Price's home in Ross, California.

     When Dr. Price answered his hotel room door he came face-to-face with two sheriff's deputies who asked about Brittany Hall. From the hallway outside of the single room the officers saw a young blond woman lying on the bed. They shouted her name but she didn't respond. The deputies pushed past the headmaster into the room where they revived the young woman who was obviously under the influence of narcotics.

      One of the officers described the hotel room as a "den of drug activity." Deputies seized, among drug paraphernalia, quantities of methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine, and prescription pills. The man who had rented the hotel room identified himself to the deputies as Dr. Thomas Price, the head of a prestigious prep school in Marin County.

     Officers booked Brittany Hall, a resident of Elk Grove, California, into the Sacramento County Jail on charges of drug possession with the intent to distribute. Dr. Price was booked on the same charges. The next day the headmaster posted his $75,000 bond and was released. Brittany Hall spent the weekend behind bars before someone bailed her out.

     Shortly after his arrest Dr. Price resigned from the Branson School. Although he told investigators that Brittany Hall had been a casual hookup, evidence surfaced that he had been involved with her for up to two years. At any rate it became obvious that Dr. Thomas Price had been living a double life.

     On April 2, 2015, Dr. Price pleaded no contest to a pair of misdemeanor drug possession charges in return for three years probation. Brittney Hall received probation as well.


  1. Let's look at all the education and advantages that Dr. Price had, and now let's look at what he did with them. I don't believe that drugs were ever his problem. I bet he just bought them for her and then took as much advantage of this poor drug addict as he could. There was a young man out there who was trying to save her from a life of degradation and addiction. Thank God the Sacremento P.D. caught them in the act or else they probably could not have saved this young lady! Sometimes the police stepping into it, is the only way the truth can come out to one's wife, to the community and knock sense into a young lady. The police are in the forefront of confronting our societal problems.

    1. Drugs and an unhealthy dose of narcissism are his problem, he was divorced at the time, the boyfriend's hands were by no means "clean"--he was merely jealous that she was with this old fart with the means to stock her habit, and so he reported them to the police. And as far as the police"...forefront...confronting...problems", sometimes yes, they are helpful and act with integrity, and, other times, they are brutal and corrupt piggies. As an aside, this is a really poorly written article.

    2. I don't think the boyfriend was jealous at all I think he was just trying to get someone he cares about off of drugs and if he did get her off drugs then obviously that was his intention I would pray and hope that someone would do that so when I hear about we all have mothers sisters daughters are being taken advantage of by people who feed young woman drugs

    3. What is the Dear Dr's excuse for inviting bad people into my home while I was away turning it into a trap house where hookers and druggies could come and stay before stealing over $150,000 worth of personal property from myself and daughter. All the furniture, electronics, even my two year olds stuffed animals and toys. This man is a very very bad man

  2. "Doctor", indeed! Years spent painstakingly to adorn one's name with impressive titles and elaborate abbreviations, the better to elevate one's respectability, only to have it all crumble in the flash of a police mug shot. There, stripped to a-shirt and disheveled hair, the good doctor is no more respectable than the commonest of criminals. Somebody once said that one should be judged by the contents of one's character. Dr Price's turned out to be rather hollow.