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Monday, April 14, 2014

Criminal Justice Quote: Did Poker Champ Phil Ivey, Jr. Cheat a Casino?

     The Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa in Atlantic City, New Jersey is suing a World Series of Poker champ who it says cheated the house for $9.6 million….The lawsuit alleges that poker pro Phillip Ivey Jr. allegedly cheated while playing several sessions at a Baccarat table in 2012….While playing, Ivey allegedly cheated by fixating on pattern flaws on the back of the cards, a technique commonly known as "edge sorting."…

     The lawsuit also names card manufacturer Gemaco Inc. of Blue Springs, Missouri, who designed the cards….Also named in the lawsuit is a female partner of Ivey's, Cheng Yin Sun, who allegedly gave instructions to the dealer.

     Ivey admitted to using a similar technique in a London casino in 2012….He won 7.3 million pounds, or roughly $12 million, in one session. Ivey sued the casino last July when it refused to pay him.

     Born in California, Ivey moved to New Jersey at a young age. He mastered his craft by playing poker in Atlantic City throughout his teenage years with a fake ID….

"Borgata Sues Poker Pro Phil Ivey Who Allegedly Cheated House for $9.6 Million," NJ.com, April 11, 2014 


  1. hmm, we really don't know the story, it either this: Phil really likes to win more so he cheated, or Borgata is so bitter with Phil's win they accused Phil of cheating.
    John | 12BET

  2. Accusing someone of cheating is a pretty strong allegation for a casino to make, especially when all the guy really did was look at the cards that they put on the table.

  3. I will also go with bitter!
    Johk | casino games