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Monday, January 3, 2022

Learning From Weirdos

When I'm struggling with my own work I'm often drawn to biographies of writers. Not only do I learn fun facts about prominent figures--Henry James suffered terribly from constipation, Kafka chewed every bite of food 32 times, Flannery O'Conner cared for a flock of around 40 peacocks, Montaigne never saw his wife with her clothes off, Balzac fortified himself with a paste made of un-roasted coffee beans--I'm also reminded that there's no single path for living a successful creative or personal life. It's inspiring to read about a flawed human being who struggled with his or her demons and afflictions, experienced paralyzing episodes of failure or self-doubt, but somehow managed to do the work anyway, and produce something that enriched the world. That's my version of self-help.

Tom Perrota in The New York Times Book Review, December 1, 2013 


  1. Thank you, Mr. Fisher, for the extra content today, even though I'm still shuddering at Balzac's "fortifier"! I think I'll have a chocolate bunny instead!~~~ Thanx again, and happy Easter!