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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Re-Broadcast of Discovery ID's "Murder in Amish Country"

     "Murder in Amish Country," episode one of the Discovery ID channel's new crime series "Deadly Devotions", is being re-broadcast on Friday, July 5 at five PM.

     The compelling one-hour docudrama is based on my book, Crimson Stain, a nonfiction account of the brutal, ritualistic murder of an old-order Amish woman by her husband, Edward Gingerich. Eighteen years after he murdered his wife Katie in the kitchen of their farmhouse in northwestern Pennsylvania, Ed Gingerich hanged himself in a barn not far from the murder scene. He is the only Amish man in history to be convicted of criminal homicide.

     The revised and expanded edition of Crimson Stain is now available in paperback on Amazon.com, CreateSpace.com and through your local bookstore. The re-enactments in "Murder in Amish Country" are based on scenes described in the book.

     According to an employee of the production company that made the docudrama, viewer response has been overwhelmingly positive.


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