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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Fake Psychology: Unqualified Criminal Profilers

     Only proper data collection and thorough research can bring credibility to [forensic behavioral] profiling....Currently, there are no professional standards or licensing requirements for this line of work. When self-proclaimed profilers repeat the same terminology as qualified profilers, detectives, the media, and the public believe them.

     For example, my research on five hundred-plus serial murder cases shows that most serial killers are not clever at alluding police; they get caught through their own mistakes or a tip from the public. My work has also found that serial killers are consistent in their behaviors over time. These conclusions challenge cherished myths, myths that many have exploited for ill-gotten gain by charlatans masquerading as scientific profilers. What is really sad is how many in the media and law enforcement believe them, and how many lives are lost as a result.

Dr. Maurice Godwin, Trackers: Hunting Down Serial Killers, 2005

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