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Friday, May 24, 2013

Criminal Justice Chaos: Rogue, Out of Control Law Enforcement

     In America, law enforcement is inefficient, heavy-handed, militaristic, zero-tolerant, and out of control. Virtually every law enforcement agency in the country has a SWAT team used for predawn, no-knock raids in the hopeless war on drugs. Wrong houses are raided and innocent people are injured and killed. (Family pets are frequent victims as well.) Cops are using taser guns on misbehaving kids, and police officers are regularly shooting mentally ill adults.

     U. S. Secret Service agents on duty to protect the president have hired prostitutes. The FBI has accused a television journalist of criminal behavior for simply doing his job. IRS agents have targeted more than 400 groups because of their political and religious beliefs. The tax collectors have also harassed the president's political opponents with audits and other forms of intimidation. ATF agents have shipped hundreds of assault rifles to Mexico where they have ended up in the hands of drug lords. Border Patrol officials have released illegal aliens who have been charged with felonies. American drones have killed four U. S. citizens without due process. (Contrast the drone-killings with the bleeding-heart governor of Colorado who recently commuted a mass murderer's death sentence to life.)

     In California and other states, convicted rapists and pedophiles are serving their sentences on unsupervised parole and re-offending at an alarming rate. Federal officers have recently lost track of a pair of terrorist snitches who, after being given new identifies, entered a witness protection program. These two terrorists left the program and have disappeared from government view. The president, who seems reluctant to concede that organized terrorism is a problem, wants to shut down Gitmo, and to bring terrorists to justice in civilian courts rather than military tribunals.

     As federal and local law enforcement agencies abuse their power, pandering politicians keep passing unnecessary criminal laws. Thanks to sexual harassment related regulations promulgated by the Executive Branch, college students, already burdened by university-imposed speech codes, are losing their First Amendment rights. A student can be punished criminally simply for saying the wrong thing.

    Our criminal justice system, in general, has become irrational, uncontrollable, too politicized, and much too intrusive for a nation founded on the principles of individual rights and due process.


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