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Monday, April 1, 2013

Arcangelo Bianco: The Walmart Deer Hunter

     On November 26, 2012, at two in the afternnon, Arcangelo Bianco, Jr. was sitting in his pickup truck parked at the Walmart store in Blairsville, Pennsylvania, a small town 43 miles east of Pittsburgh in the southwestern part of the state. From his truck, Bianco spotted a 10-point white-tailed buck emerge from behind the building. The 40-year-old grabbed his handgun and jumped out of his truck. As the animal ran for cover across the parking lot, Bianco opened fire. Shortly after the deer crossed a nearby highway, Bianco brought it down.

     After killing the deer, Bianco got back into his pickup, pulled up to his kill, and loaded the carcass onto the truck. From there he drove to a meat processing plant where the deer would be butchered.

     The parking lot deer hunter was charged with reckless endangerment, hunting without a license, shooting across a highway, and unlawful killing of big game. If he pleads guilty to these misdemeanors he can expect a large fine. I doubt the judge will send this man to jail. What Bianco did, however, was extremely reckless.

      Walmart parking lots are dangerous enough without idiots running around shooting at deer.

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