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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tyrik S. Haynes: Nutcase With a Knife

     In December 2012, Tyrik S. Haynes, a disturbed 19-year-old from Middletown Township, New Jersey, set fire to a cat trapped in a carrying case, then dumped its charred remains in the woods. After torching the animal, Haynes went to a local Petco store where he tried to adopt another cat to torture and kill.

     On December 24, 2012, Victor Amato, chief of the Monmouth County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, filed a criminal complaint against Tyrik Haynes. (One can only image what's in this  young man's juvenile file. Youngsters who set animals on fire are often mentally slow misfits with alcoholic parents and histories of erotic fire-setting. These are people you don't want living in your neighborhood.)

     If convicted of animal cruelty, a judge could sentence Haynes up to six months in jail. (The problem with cases like this is that corrections administrators don't want these people in their lock-ups.) Following his arrest, Haynes posted his bail and was released from custody.

     On Monday afternoon, January 14, 2013 at three o'clock, Tyrik Haynes was loitering inside a Bed Bath and Beyond franchise not far from his favorite Petco store. For reasons beyond comprehension, Haynes pulled out a knife and stabbed 29-year-old Kerri Dalton at least a dozen times. The victim, from Keansburg, New Jersey, was pushing a stroller containing her five-month-old baby. Parmedics rushed Dalton to the Jersey Shore University Medical Center. She is expected to survive her wounds. The victim's baby was not hurt in the bloody attack. The knife-wielding assailant and his victim were total strangers.

     Police officers, shortly after the random, senseless assault, placed Tyrik Haynes back into the Monmouth County Jail. This time his bail was set at $1 million. Haynes has been charged with attempted murder, child endangerment, and possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose.

     Politicians and criminal justice pundits can talk all day about gun control and other irrelevant, window-dressing anti-violence measures. Since we can't ban knives, or make killing cats criminal homicide, we are left with the question of how to prevent people like Tyrik Haynes from randomly stabbing total strangers in public places. Because there is nothing the police can do to prevent crimes like this, politicians avoid talking about pathologically violent criminals who cannot be deterred or rehabilitated. No politician wants to tell voters that no public place is safe from people like Tyrik Haynes. 


  1. Amato was at the Petco the day of the stabbings - because Haynes was lurking there. Amato said he stayed an hour to make sure the kid didn't "come back" after being moved on. At one point he was in the store giving the hairy eyeball to customers and cats, later, he was removed to the outside where he continued to atare customers and employees in an unsettling manner and to repeatedly peer into the store windows.

    Apparently Amato did not take him into custody but was content to let his presence warn and ward off Haynes. I don't even know if Amato would be equipped or entitled to haul the kid off for a psych evaluation. The thing is, that knife attack at BBB could have been prevented that day (and before that day too, but) because Amato KNEW the kid was dangerous, knew what he was about, knew he was off his nut, knew he was acting in a bizarre manner that was frightening people in the store. He knew Haynes was a danger, but wouldn't take Haynes or arrange to have Haynes taken to a secure mental facility for a psychological evaluation (lock up for 48-72 hours). Amato had a fuller picture and yet did nothing. If it's because he COULD do nothing, that has got to change.

  2. Why does everyone say he was a nutcase? How about a evil cruel sociopath. No feelings, just distructive. Once he is given the label of disturbed it leaves all kinds of doors open for a early release or mental facility. How about looking down the line for when he returns to society and "finishes off the job that he is locked up for.? Happens all the time. What is that poor mother suppose to do, look over her shoulder and watch the newspapers for years waiting to hear if he is OUT?

  3. you facts are screwed up he was taken to a mental health facility he was released, don't point blame, when you don't have the facts,you cant arrest someone for being in a store. Further more Amato did not personally handle the case. I did.

    1. He was not released...his parents are not alcoholics and his only record was the 2 crimes mentioned here. Mental disorders stemming from prolonged use of uneeded medicines by a greedy foster mother that swindled him from both his young parents for a check. All his other siblings are well respected individuals raised by thier parents. Know your facts!!!

  4. Tyrik Haynes is a psychopath and should be locked up for the rest of his life!! The 29 yr old woman victim should sue Tyrik Haynes family to pay for her medical bills.