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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Eric Dean Lewis: The Secret Life of an Elementary School Principal

     Eric Dean Lewis, before settling in California in 1999, taught at elementary schools in West Palm Beach Florida and New York state. In 2005, before he became principal of Montague Elementary in Silicon Valley's Santa Clara, he taught at Zanker Elementary and four other Santa Clara County schools in the Milpitas (a town of 70,000 north of San Jose) Unified School System. In 2012, the popular 42-year-old principal of Montague Elementary lived by himself in a San Francisco apartment.

     In early September 2012, a member of a multi-agency drug task force received a tip that Lewis was selling drugs. An undercover agent with the Santa Clara County Special Enforcement Team, using the name "Anthony," made contact with Lewis on a dating site for gay men. In an email to the undercover cop, Lewis suggested that they get together and "blow some clouds," meaning smoke methamphetamine. The principal also promised to bring Anthony a "bomb," slang for meth.

     On September 20, Eric Lewis and the undercover agent met at a Caltrain station in San Francisco. After the agent purchased a quantity of drugs from the elementary school principal, Lewis was taken into custody and transported to Santa Clara County's Elmwood Jail where he was held in lieu of $25,000 bail. Officials in the Santa Clara school district placed Dean on unpaid administrative leave.

     If the drug arrest of an elementary school principal wasn't bad enough, the case took an even more disturbing turn when the police searched Lewis' San Francisco apartment. Members of the task force seized seven ecstasy pills, a small amount of meth, and four vials of GHB, a liquid date rape drug. Lewis also possessed a syringe without a needle, a device commonly used to dole out precise doses of a drug. Police officers also discovered miniature surveillance cameras hidden in a watch, a cigarette lighter, and a teddy bear. The searchers also seized three of the principal's computers.

     At his September 24 arraignment, Eric Dean Lewis was charged with drug-related offenses that exposed him to a maximum of eight years in prison. It's quite possible that the drug aspect of the case will turn out to be the least of the principal's problems. Those covert cameras and the date rape drug suggest something even more disturbing. What the investigators might find on this man's computers may end up defining the nature of this case.


  1. are there any updates on this case?

  2. We need to hear updates and make sure that no school kids are on those cameras

  3. Another victimless crime.
    Who is the victim here??
    There is no legal standing against ERIC DEAN LEWIS natural person or CORPORATE FICTION
    Where is the standing??
    Who suffered the injury??
    What property was damaged?
    Where was the loss incurred??
    Another victimless code violation used as an opportunity for the Freemasonic courts to persecute another unwitting debt slave for the benefits of the judges who will convict as many innocents as they can to drive up the price of the stocks of the private prisons they are all investors in.

  4. Good point..the private prison system needs as many prsioners as possible, at least to fill all the cells for profits sake. And the largest of those corporations, CCA (Corrections Corporation of America) is doing quite well for it's shareholders. Anyway, the U.S.has 5% of the planet's population and 25% of it's prisoners and most of those are....you guessed it - drug offenses. I wonder what the real deal or truth is behind the Lewis case, we may never know. Corruption is so rampant in the judicial system, it's absolutely scary.

  5. Hey incompetent and sensationalist "blogger": you are an awful "True Crime" wanna-be writer. You do NOT get your facts straight and are spreading false information about cases. In this case, I'm close to Eric and can even prove you are stupid and wrong. Go ready articles on the news about this. His "hidden cameras" were not hidden at all. They WERE masked cameras but they were not put to use. EVER. That's because even though Eric loved the concept of this, he didn't know how to use them; and his cameras were stacked still in their boxes in the closet. Go read that, you lier. And the rest of the accusations are all overblown or downright false. The "tipster" who set him up was a pissed off crack head who asked Eric for money and was denied, with all reason. Then is crack head user went to the police and lied about every thing. The police then, seeing that Eric had a public job, set him up, TRAPPED him and loved that their plan worked perfectly and they got all the TV news on this (fucking drug task LIVES for this because they depend on the public money to keep drugs illegal). All this is a sham.

    I know you must, in some way or in some time take or will take a drug that was not prescribed to you or that you acquired illegally. That's because unfortunately you are and it's part of being alive. It will happen. For fun or for your health.
    And I prey the universe that you get caught and go through the scrutiny that Eric is going through and think twice about judging someone with false facts and profiting out of it. Your type are the lower level of the human society: dumb and greedy.

  6. Oh, did he tell you that? That the guy wanted money that he didnt give him and then that this guy wbo is on drugs went to the police and made up this whole story AND the cops believe this "credible" druggie? We're you there? Physically with him? Because if not I think your the one being lied to. Sorry.