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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Luka Magnotta's Arrest and the Mailing of More Body Parts

     Luka Magnotta, the 29-year-old porn actor who videotaped his murder and dismemberment of Chinese student Jun Lin in mid-May, dumped his torso behind his Montreal apartment building, then mailed the victim's hand and a foot to two addresses in Ottawa, is now in custody in Germany.

     Prior to his arrest in Berlin, the cannibal and snuff-video maker was seen partying in the Bastille section of east Paris. On Friday, June 1, a surveillance camera caught Magnotta boarding a bus to Berlin. In his rundown hotel room in Bagnolet, a town northwest of Paris, police found a cache of pornography magazines and an air-sickness bag from the plane he had taken from Montreal.

     In Berlin, on Monday, June 4, an employee of an internet cafe recognized Magnotta from his newspaper photographs. The cafe worker flagged down a police car, and shortly thereafter, 7 officers took Magnotta into custody without incident. At first Magnotta gave the police a false name, then said, "You got me."

     On Tuesday, June 5, as Magnotta appeared before a German judge regarding matters of his extradition back to Canada, innocent victims were still being subjected to the aftermath of his macabre handiwork. In Vancouver, in British Columbia, Canada, staff members at the False Creek Elementary School, and at St. George's, a private school for boys, opened packages containing, respectively, Jun Lin's other hand and foot. It is not clear, at this point, what Magnotta's connection is to these institutions. (Lin's head has not been recovered.)

     Detectives on Montreal's major crimes unit are conducting cold-case reviews of old murder cases for possible links to Luka Magnotta. 

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