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Monday, January 6, 2020

New York Gives Arrestees Get-Out-Jail Cards

     New York State's so-called bail reform law took effect on January 1, 2020. According to Governor Andrew Cuomo, the new legislation will mean that 90 percent of people arrested in the state will remain on the street until their cases are resolved in court. The new law lists 159 criminal offenses for which arrestees must be released from custody without bail.

     The political hacks and criminal justice dimwits who passed this bill, and the fool who signed it into law, defend the no-bail concept with the following talking point: "People are in jail because they are poor." No, they are behind bars because they committed crimes.

     Among the criminal acts listed in the no-bail statute, the following are not what anyone in their right mind would consider minor offenses:

   2nd degree burglary of a residence

   2nd degree robbery

   criminal sale of a controlled substance in or near a school

   criminal sale of a controlled substance to a child

   reckless assault of a child by a day care provider


   aggravated vehicular assault

   aggravated assault of a child under 11 years old


   criminal obstruction of breathing (choking, strangulation, suffocation)

   aggravated vehicular manslaughter

   3rd degree arson (vehicle arson)

   aggravated grand larceny of an ATM

   auto stripping


   insurance fraud


   killing a police dog or police horse

   bribing a witness

   bribing a juror

   criminal anarchy

   pointing a laser at an aircraft

   harming a service animal

   assisting in female genital mutilation

   endangering the welfare of a vulnerable elderly person

   unlawfully fleeing a peace officer in a vehicle

     In New York City, it gets even crazier. To show gratitude to those accused of crime who show up for court, the city will give them NY Mets baseball tickets and gift cards. No kidding.

     One doesn't have to be a psychic to predict that this new "reform" law will prove disastrous for law obeying citizens. Take the crime of stalking, for example. What do you think an enraged stalker will do the minute he is released from jail? Moreover, with this new law, fewer victims of this crime will report it. 

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  1. Carlos Ghosn skipped out on 4.5 million bail. Why come back if you’re going to be found guilty anyway. People won’t come back for bail if they know they will be locked up so why have bail? If an offender commits a violent crime lock him up and he he hasn’t, tell him to come back.. no need for bail.