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Sunday, December 1, 2019

Criminal Investigation in the High Tech Surveillance Era

Not that long ago, criminal investigators had fewer tools to work with than today's detective. Investigators who enter the field this century have so many more ways to solve crimes and gather evidence for court. Rapists, for example, can be incriminated by their DNA. A suspect's movements at the time of the crime and afterwards can be tracked through GPS technology. Crimes committed in public are almost always recorded on surveillance cameras. Quite often suspects incriminate themselves on social media, or are incriminated by others on Facebook and other sites. In the old days, investigators didn't have Google, or latent fingerprint, forensic ballistics, and DNA databases. And how many criminals today, through their email, give themselves away. Advances in science and technology, and the emergence of the surveillance state, have not been friendly developments for criminals. Nevertheless, overall crime solution rates have not improved. 

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