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Friday, October 18, 2019

Tommy Lee Jenkins' Rendezvous With 14-year-old "Kylee" A Bust

     In 2012, 25-year-old Tommy Lee Jenkins from Whitestown, Indiana 30 miles northeast of Indianapolis, pleaded guilty to the sexual assault of four minors. The judge sentenced him to four years probation.

     On October 1, 2019, Jenkins accepted a Facebook friend request from who he thought was a 14-year-old girl from Neenah, Wisconsin named Kylee. In reality, the Facebook friend request came from a Facebook account set up by the Winnebago County Sheriff's Office located 100 miles north of Milwaukee. Instead of a 14-year-girl, Mr. Jenkins was in touch with a police officer out to round up pedophiles like him.

     Tommy Lee Jenkins sent Kaylee a sexually explicit photograph of himself, and after lewd exchanges between them, asked Kaylee to visit him in Whitestown which is 351 miles from Neenah, Wisconsin. (I don't know how he thought a 14-year-old girl could manage that.)

     When it became obvious that the object of his lust couldn't come to him, Jenkins said he was coming to visit her.

     On October 10, 2019, after traveling 351 miles on foot, bicycle, and bus, a trip Jenkins chronicled via text messages to Kaylee, he was greeted by Winnebago County sheriff's deputies who took him into custody.

     A prosecutor in the Winnebago County District Attorney's Office charged Tommy Lee Jenkins with using a computer to persuade, induce, or entice a minor to engage in unlawful activity.

     If convicted as charged, the 32-year-old Jenkins faced a minimum sentence of ten years in prison. At the most, a judge could send him away for life. One can only hope that this judge, unlike the one in 2012, will not give this pedophile a probated sentence.  

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