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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Crime Bulletin: Tyler Deutsch Sticks Six-Week-Old Baby Into a Freezer

   Tyler Deutsch lived with his girlfriend and her six-week-old baby girl in a trailer house in Roy, Washington, a town of 800 outside of Tacoma. On Saturday, May 25, 2013, while the baby's 22-year-old mother was away from the trailer, Deutsch closed the baby into a freezer to stop her from crying. Deutsch fell asleep, and an hour later, as his girlfriend walked into the dwelling, the 25-year-old removed the baby. The infant, wearing only a diaper, had been exposed to a temperature of ten degrees.

     The mother--who for some reason has not been identified in the media by name--tried to call 911. Deutsch, however, not wanting to get into trouble with the law, took the phone out of her hand. The frantic mother ran to a neighbor's place where she made the emergency call.

     Paramedics rushed the unresponsive baby to the Mary Bridge Children's Hospital were physicians managed to revive her. The infant, with blisters on her skin, had a body temperature of 84. Doctors also determined that the baby had a broken arm and leg as well as a head injury.

     Deputies with the Pierce County Sheriff's Office took Deutsch into custody. According to reports, he told the officers that by deep-freezing the baby he was trying to help her. A local prosecutor charged Deutsch with attempted murder, assault of a child, criminal mistreatment, and interfering with reporting domestic violence. The suspect is being held in the Pierce County Jail without bond.

     Besides not revealing the identify of the baby's mother, local reporters have also failed to establish if Deutsch is the victim's father. Moreover, we don't know if he's mentally deficient or insane. As a result of weak news reporting, we also don't know if Deutsch has a job or a criminal record. The fact the baby has broken bones and a head injury suggest a history of child abuse.

     While there is obviously a lot more to this story, we may never know the details, particularly if Deutsch pleads guilty. We are told, by a vast army of celebrity reporters, everything there is to know about idiots like Justin Bieber and Lindsay Lohan. But in cases like this, we are often left in the dark. 

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