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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Dr. Jackson Dempsey: How Many Psychiatrists Are Mentally Ill?

     Over the years, numerous studies and surveys have confirmed the conventional wisdom that people who enter the fields of psychiatry and psychotherapy were mentally and emotionally disturbed as children. A relatively high percentage of these mental health professionals develop drinking problems, suffer depression, become paranoid, struggle with anxiety, and eventually become suicidal. (Sigmund Freud, the father of psycho-babble and mind-talk, killed himself.)

     Authors Robert Epstein and Tim Brewer, in a July 1, 1987 Psychology Today article, wrote: "Mental health professionals are, in general, a fairly crazy lot--at least as troubled as the general population. This may sound depressing...but having crazy shrinks around is not in itself a serious problem. In fact, some experts believe that therapists who have suffered in certain ways may be the very best therapists we have."

     According to one group of researchers, while psychiatrists account for just 6 percent of all doctors, they make up 33 percent of the sexual crimes committed by doctors. This study also revealed that the percentage of sexual molestation offenses by psychiatrists is 37 times higher than that of the general public. It is not surprising that almost all psychiatrists are patients of other shrinks.

     In 2012, fifty-six-year-old Jackson Dempsey, a psychiatrist with offices in Medford, Oregon, served as the psychiatrist for Jackson County. Dempsey, who walked his dog on the national forest trails outside Ashland, did not like the mountain bikers who regularly sped past him on the downhill runs. He decided to wage a guerrilla war against the bikers.

     In June and July 2012, Dr. Dempsey strung nylon ropes across the trails in an effort to booby trap the bikers. He also littered the trials with nails, and placed tree branches in the bikers' paths. As a result of his clandestine work, three mountain bikers were injured.

     Police officers arrested Dr. Dempsey in July 2012 after a witness saw him setting a biker trap. A local prosecutor charged the shrink with assault and reckless endangerment, a pair of misdemeanor offenses.

     On May 1, 2013, Dr. Dempsey pleaded guilty in return for a 30-day sentence in the Jackson County Jail. Pursuant to his plea agreement, he apologized to the mountain bikers, his family, and the local mental health community. Dr. Dempsey resigned his position as the county psychiatrist. He was also prohibited, as a condition of his probation, from going near the national forest trails for a period of two years. He was also ordered to pay $2,400 in restitution to his victims.

     William Roussel, one of the bikers injured by a Dr. Dempsey trap, told reporters that he didn't believe that Dr. Dempsey's apology to the bikers was sincere. Another of Dr. Dempsey's mountain trail victims told a local TV reporter that, "I don't understand how someone with six to eight years of [advanced] education this." There are at least two answers to that victim's question: Just because someone is well-educated doesn't mean this person is mentally sound (or for that matter, smart). Moreover, Dr. Dempsey is a member of a profession populated by nuts.

     In the fall of 2013, the Oregon Medical Board reviewed Dr. Dempsey's criminal case. While calling his behavior "dishonorable," and "detrimental to the community," the board chose not to suspend or revoke his medical license. (The board could have pulled his license and fined him up to $10,000.) In other words, Dr. Dempsey's behavior was anti-social enough to send him to jail but not bad enough to remove him from the medical profession. So much for professional standards.

     Shortly after being professionally exonerated by the medical board, Dr. Dempsey opened a private practice in Grants Pass, Oregon. 


  1. We're residing in an scientific age. The most amazing perceptive achievements have been obtained by Psychiatrist.


  2. I was married to a nutty Psychiatrist who still thinks he can do no wrong and that he's the smartest person on the face of the earth, but he couldn't even help his own son who has autism. He is STILL a nut and is NOT helping his patients. He gets more dangerous by the year. When there are no scientific tests to prove a diagnosis, then the whole field is based on theory -- a nutty theory. Psychiatrists ruin people's lives.

    1. I know this is common for many shrinks.

    2. my god, yes.

    3. I'd say your right that it is a nutty theory and that is definitely not science. Some of the things in the DSM are laughable, like skin picking, peeing in the bed etc... and its all to do with making as much money as possible. A lot/most things in psychiatry ain't even evidence based, most is relied on medicine but psychiatrists (most) ignore that fact.

      I'm not a scientologist but i do believe in Human Rights (CCHR).

  3. I saw a crazy shrink in Army, and he just made up things as he saw fit. He was a complete nut. That profession is littered with nuts.

  4. This crazy psychiatrist could had killed these bikers. Talk about do no harm, could you imagine what he's like with his patients when he's on his worst day lol

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  6. Im in a relationship with a psychiatrist. They are just like anyone else in this world. They get sad, happy, angry, silly.etc. its a stressful job to listen to people piss and moan. But overall, hes awesome and very empathetic. If he weren't. I wouldn't be with him

    1. I agree but the answer to the topic is that MOST & not ALL are crazy lol

    2. My Nephews Father was sexually abused by a psychiatrist who was a professor so this article is 100% on MOST of them, obviously about sexual abuse. Maybe explains why most go in to the psychiatric field.

  7. I just left a psychiatrists office in NYC to get help for trauma- if i taped what he told me and how angry he was at me for a mess up in the office nobody would believe it- i left there after 15 minutes of him acting like a child in shock. I felt worse then when i came in and was just floored by the whole experience. I walked two blocks down the street and a woman had jumped out of a building in mid town manhattan thankfully they had covered her body by then- the psychiatrist and then seeing this tragedy was overwhelming. The psychiatrist only focused on attacking me and did not even ask if i was okay when i left the office- when i wrote him to tell him how upset i was and what happened he said to come in for a session to correct what happened? wtf. my father told me psychiatrists are crazy and now i believe him. not only that but his financial person there abused me by screaming at me too! In the past i have seen social workers and another therapist who were off the wall. I am giving up hope of finding anyone good. I am disabled and have dealt with trauma too and they re- traumatize. It is disgusting. The last four months i had a contagious illness and was unable to get into his office- this was my first time back and he was abusive! how on earth do these people heal people when they cant even heal themselves???

  8. But there again, bikers can be incredible selfish and irritating!

  9. Proof, please! Links to the pages, studies, surveys~anything to prove your assertion!
    "Over the years, numerous studies and surveys have confirmed the conventional wisdom that people who enter the fields of psychiatry and psychotherapy were mentally and emotionally disturbed as children." End quote
    You absolutely cannot make these assertions without linking to valid "studies and surverys".
    It's unfair and disingenuous.
    Block me if you will Mr. Fisher, but up until now I've very much enjoyed your blogs because if I had questions I could find links that verified what you write about.
    I did search after search after search to find one study or survey to which you refer. Not one. Nothing.
    When making such an all inclusive and damning statement of a field (medical) to which I've been a member for decades you are bound by good reporting to provide verifiable proof, either in the body or footnotes of your article.
    I'd very much appreciate it if you would. Thank you.
    A faithful reader.

  10. EDIT of last post: The article in Psychology Today isn't a valid reference. It is an assertion only. Also it doesn't come up in a search anywhere.
    Jenn Lyons