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Monday, January 28, 2013

Nicholas Tankersley: The Peep-Show Jailer

     Small town jail guards, while near the bottom of the criminal justice hierarchy, wield power and control over inmates temporarily housed in county lock-ups. It's not easy recruiting qualified corrections officers willing to work for peanuts among drunks, drug addicts, petty thieves, burglars, sex offenders, and inmates awaiting trial for aggravated assault, rape, and criminal homicide. Most people would find working in a jail disgusting and depressing.

     Nicholas Tankersley worked the midnight-to-eight shift at the Morgan County Jail in Martinsville, Indiana. In early January 2013, a former female inmate of this central Indiana lock-up wrote a letter to a corrections official regarding the 21-year-old night guard. According to the complainant, Tankersley, in exchange for jailhouse favors, had asked a dozen or so female inmates to pose naked for him.

     The former inmate's letter led to an internal investigation which revealed that Tankersley, during the period November 15, 2012 to January 11, 2013, had rewarded several female inmates who sexually exposed themselves, with extra sheets, pens, batteries, oranges, and other items. A Morgan County inmate, in exchange for one of Tankersley's favors, allegedly let him fondle her.

     After confessing to several of these expose-yourself-for-favor incidents, Tankersley, on January 17, 2013, was fired, arrested, and charged with sexual battery and official misconduct. If convicted, he could receive up to three years in prison for each of these felonies.

     Investigators learned that Tankersley had "friended" several former female inmates on his Facebook page. When his wife found out about this, she ordered him to "unfriend" these women.

     Following his arrest, Tankersley, who goes by the name "Tank," was held in a neighboring county jail. A public defender has been assigned his case. The ex-jailer has pleaded not guilty to all charges. (I expect a plea bargain will be worked out in this case.) 

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