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Monday, December 24, 2012

Did Jeffrey Payne Murder His Mother?

     On the surface, it looked like 22-year-old Jeffrey Pyne had a great life with a promising future. He had graduated from the West Highland Christian Academy in Milford, Michigan as class valedictorian. After high school, he attended the University of Michigan-Flint where he majored in biology. But at home, in Highland Township, Jeffery had serious problems with his 51-year-old mother, Ruth.

     In 1998, when Jeffrey was 8-years-old, Ruth Pyne was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Over the next decade, she became increasingly difficult to live with, and violent. For some reason, Jeffery had become the prime target of his mother's wrath which had subjected him to physical and verbal abuse. In July 2010, after the police arrested Ruth for trying to manually strangle her son, Jeffrey's father, Bernie Pyne, filed a petition with the court to have his wife institutionalized. In the commitment petition, Mr. Pyne wrote: "She has invented a religion that deems all medication a form of sorcery and will not take her medication for that reason."

     Ruth Pyne's refusal to take her bipolar medicine, the cause of her bellicose behavior, created most of the friction between mother and son, and led to many heated arguments. Following in-patient treatment at a Michigan mental health facility in 2010, Ruth Pyne returned home. But nothing changed. She refused to take her medication, and continued to torment her son.

     On May 27, 2011, at 2:30 in the afternoon, Bernie Pyne and his ten-year-old daughter Julia came home to find Ruth dead in the family garage. She had been bludgeoned and stabbed. Because nothing had been stolen from the garage or the house, and the victim had not been sexually assaulted, it didn't seem likely that this woman had been murdered by a stranger.

     According the the medical examiner who performed the autopsy, Ruth Pyne had received at least 12 vicious blows to the head from a two-by-four. Her attacker then stabbed her in the neck 16 times. It was possible that the stab wounds were postmortem. The overkill nature of the assault led investigators to believe the victim had been murdered by someone who knew her well, and hated her guts.

     Crime scene technicians found traces of the dead woman's blood on faucet handles in the laundry room where they believed the killer had washed his hands. The crime scene investigators found no blood on the inside knob of the garage man-door which was standing partially open. Had the killer left the garage through this doorway, the door operating knob would have contained traces of the victim's blood. Inside the dwelling, crime scene technicians found no signs of blood or other physical evidence of the killing. Detectives speculated that the killer felt he had enough time after the murder to clean up the house before Mr. Pyne and his daughter returned home and discovered the body.

     Since Ruth Pyne's murder appeared to be an inside job, suspicion immediately fell on Jeffery Pyne who had been, as far as anyone could tell, the last person to see his mother alive. On the day of the murder, detectives with the Oakland County Sheriff's Office questioned Jeffery at police headquarters. The suspect, when asked to account for himself that afternoon, said, "She got home from grocery shopping. I helped her bring the groceries in." According to Jeffery, his mother was alive when he left the house at one-thirty that afternoon to plant lilac bushes at the home of one of his former high school teachers. After working at the teacher's house, he drove to his part time job at Spicer Orchards.

     Crime scene investigators, on the day of the murder, combed Jeffrey Pyne's car for physical traces of the murder. They found nothing. A forensic analysis of Jeffrey's clothing also produced negative results.

     When officers questioned Jeffrey at the sheriff's office that afternoon, detectives noticed fresh blisters on both of his hands. When asked about the blisters, Jeffrey said he had gotten them earlier in the day planting lilacs at the teacher's house.  In response to a question about his relationship with his mother, Jeffrey said, "I've never had a problem with her. The only issue I had is I wanted her to take her medicine." At the conclusion of the interview, detectives were certain Jeffrey Pyne had fatally bludgeoned and stabbed his mother.

     In October 2011, five months after the murder, Oakland County District Attorney John Skrzynski charged Jeffrey Pyne with first degree murder.

     The Pyne murder trial got underway in Pontiac, Michigan on November 16, 2012. In his opening statement to the jury, prosecutor Skrzynski said, "This was an angry killing that was the result of years of living with a difficult person who was bipolar." The defendant's attorney, James Champion, pointed out that the state could not link his client to the murder through physical evidence, and that all of the prosecution's proof was circumstantial.

     The strongest witness for the prosecution turned out to be the school teacher who had hired Jeffrey to do odd jobs around her house. According to her testimony, Jeffrey had planted the lilacs four days before his mother's murder. This was a credible witness who broke the defendant's alibi.

     The testimony phase of the Pyne murder trial came to a sudden close on December 14, 2012 when defense attorney Champion announced that he did not have any witnesses to present. In Champion's mind, he didn't need any witnesses because the prosecution had failed to carry its burden of proof.

     On December 18, the jury found Jeffrey Pyne guilty of the lesser charge of second-degree murder. Judge Leo Bowan, who will impose the sentence in a month, could imprison Jeffery for up to twelve years. The judge could also hand down the minimum sentence of seven years in prison.

     Jeffrey Pyne continues to maintain his innocence. The bloody clothes he would have worn when he killed his mother have not been recovered. Those who believe that Jeffrey Pyne is innocent argue that there are no bloody cloths to recover.

     On Saturday January 12, 2013, the CBS crime series "48 Hours," in an episode called "The Perfect Family," aired an account of the Pyne case. The segment featured interviews of Ruth Pyne's sister and Jeffrey's father.



  1. A few questions.
    1. How does a lack of the victim's blood on the garage door knob show that the killer didn't leave that way? What if they washed up before leaving? What if they used a clean cloth? If they could manage to not get blood anywhere else but the garage, how is it so unbelievable that they managed not to get some on the doorknob on the way out?
    2. If Jeffrey got minor blisters on his hands from committing murder, why would he risk drawing attention to them by wrapping them up in flashy white bandages? If he went through such great lengths to cover the rest of his tracks, why go and do that?
    3. Couldn't a lack of emotion in the police interview on the day of the murder be attributed to the fact that what had happened hadn't really sunk in yet, and his emotions for her were probably already subdued from years of dealing with disappointment?
    4. Was any DNA from an unknown person found in or around the house? Did they look into what other enemies this woman might have had? Did they check his cell phone records?

    For I know he could be guilty, but it's strange that these points don't get brought up in any press coverage of the case I've seen.

    1. I think he was defending himself against a crazy dangerous woman. She could have provoked him. I don't think he deserves 20 years in prison. He was a model kid. He endured everything he did because of his little sister.

    2. I totally agree. It sounds like this good kid went through hell and still managed to graduate with honors. Seems like self defense to me. He should have been given a break on the sentencing.

    3. I wonder how the police explained that the young Pyne covered his tracks so well, with no trace evidence ever have been found on Jeff's shoes, clothes or car.
      I also wonder if the police have heard of Keith Hunter Jesperson, or other killers, who established an alibi by going back out for some drinks, being sure to converse with others, before returning to the body.
      It is highly plausible that the father punched out at GM, went to the house, killed her, went to the bar for an alibi, picked up the little girl on his way home, arrived at the home and waited until it was the daughter who discovered the body.
      I understand Bernie Pyne did not even go into the home right away, but went into the backyard to work on the pool pump.

    4. Good point. The father seemed like a very smart manipulative man....and aggressive...could it be they blamed it on the son because they knew they could not prove the father did it? Hoping the father would confess rather than watch his son go down for something he did?

  2. The prosecution claims that he killed her because she stopped taking her meds; did they do a tox screen to back this claim?

  3. Where is the physical evidence linking him to the crime scene? Circumstantial case at best, and the prosecution had to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he committed this crime. When did speculation become defined as proof?

    1. Wow! Was this case ever one for reasonable doubt. Perhaps they will appeal and get a better result,

  4. What about the ex girlfriend of the father, the one who he had started seeing who worked at the GNC? Was she ruled out as a possible suspect?

    1. I wondered that very same thing after watching 48 hours.

    2. I didn´t know that the victims husband was unfathful. If he did it, would be very cruel to let his daughter discover her mother like that.
      I am gobsmacked someone can get convicted for a serious crime like murder with no evidence what so ever, dangerous anyone could get his/her Life destroyed with that kind of justice system

    3. I immediately thought of Bernie Pyne's girlfriend. Did they rule her out? She had a motive. She could have concievably done this. She could have hired someone. Reasonable doubt- Hell Yes!!!!!!!!

  5. It's so hard dealing with family members who have mental illness, murder is never the solution. Dealing with people close to you can be a very painful experience. When the person doesn't take their meds you become the main target, in my case I endured alot of verbal abuse it's enough to make you want to not deal with the person anymore. But I could never do that.

  6. Listen to the police tapes and the message to Diane Needham.
    Jeff Pyne never says he was planting lilacs that day at Needham's -- he mentions painting for her.
    Jeff Pyne also stated on the police tapes that he got the blisters at work on some pallets by the bathroom.
    The police never found any blood on his shoes, his clothes, in his car or even the weapon. There are clear pictures of his car, his clothes and shoes with no blood.
    Det. John Jacob testified that there was blood on the garage door handle, the tractor in the garage and all over the garage and anyone who committed the crime would have had blood all over them based on the splatter evidence at the scene.
    Ruth Pyne was at Meijers until 10:54 am that morning in White Lake and seen in the parking lot video tapes puttering around shortly after checkout. She was wearing dark jeans and a dark t-shirt at Meijers. It is more than a 20 minute drive back to her house from there, assuming she drives the speed limit and does not stop for any lights.
    When she came home, Jeff told the police on tape that he helped her unpack groceries and she went and changed. She was wearing striped sweatpants and a blue fleece jacket when she was found.
    The neighbor Conley testified that he and his 27 year old son had a rocky relationship with Ruth and Bernie Pyne.
    He testified that he saw Jeff's tan oldsmobile in the driveway behind Ruth's white car -- this is an oddity which should be explored. Why would Jeff's car be parked behind his mother's if she had gone out shopping?

    1. I am very suspicious of that neighbor or his son. According to his testimony, he was in his yard a long time, none of the other neighbors were home and he had access to yard tools and was aware when Jeffrey left the house. He had ample time to dispose of weapons and clean up. If he wasn't focused in on her comings and goings, how could he pin down Jeffrey's times leaving, etc, Bet they never took a look at him or his son. He looks like he could turn violent in a minute,

  7. I have been watching the recorded trial on TV and even though it isn't over yet, from what I have seen of the trial, I can't imagine any jury could find him guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. There is no evidence linking him to the crime. It is very sad how many people are found guilty of crimes they didn't commit and how many people are found innocent of crimes they did commit. I don't understand why they didn't even do a manhunt search till 4 days later. I understand it was a holiday weekend, but by that time the killer was long gone. I think Jeff is innocent and feel very bad for him.

  8. Nancy Grace said: "If I were going to defend someone - I'd want to defend Jeff Pyne!"
    Please PLEASE! Nancy Do! The prosecutor is WRONG!!! Assuming that Jeffrey was the killer ONLY TO close a CASE! Without doing THE MAN-HUNTING! As he supposed to, the police investigation WAS SLOPPY to save money!
    Jeffrey called the neighbor because he has not heard from her since she said that she’ll be back which was MONDAY!!! She saw the bushes transplanted and did not report back to Jeffrey after RESONABLE time Jeffrey calls on FRIDAY at 2:41 to find out if she was back as schedule! And added he already transferred the bushes. However did not said he transferred the BUSHES that Friday! ( the day of the homicide! The neighbor confirms that the bushes were transferred on MONDAY 4 days before when she arrived home from her trip but did not report that to Jeffrey! MONDAY was THE DAY Jeffrey generated the blisters with the round handle SHOVEL as when you swing a baseball bat! That is the kind of Blisters Jeffrey had ROUND! NOT RECTANGULAR 2x4!
    Blisters are deep pink in color on the first day FRESH! NO white around the blister! JEFFREY blisters on FRIDAY have WHITE/DRY on the edge or around them MEANING they are in the last stage of healing. On the 2nd and 3 day of a blister forms WATER between the new skin and the old skin and USUALLY a person pierces the skin to draw the water, but leave the old skin to protect the new raw skin. When Jeffrey catches the pallet the pallet ripped the old skin open and Jeffrey just pulled off exposing the raw new skin which it hurts without the old skin protecting it. THAT is why he tried to band them himself sloppily at work when it happened. Then Jeffrey’s father calls Jeffrey hyperventilating to come back home and PROBABLY told him a terrible thing happened to his mother they don’t say exactly. On the way back home 20 minutes’ drive preparing for BAD NEWS Jeffrey is ready to take any bad news from his mother! Is not that he saw the bad sight as his father did, Jeffrey had the travel time to prepare for the worst! That is why he had EMOTION CONTROL!

  9. As much as I hate to say it, I think that he did it. His family went through hell with her not taking her meds, I feel he took as much as he could in his mind, then wanting to protect his little sister, its just sad. He got those blisters from hitting her over & over not by transferring any bushes, I won't make excuses for him, the woman stated he did not do any of the list she left for him to do while she was out of town.

  10. TO LINDA - RUTH PYNE SISTER!!! YOU HAVE BEEN ABSENT from your nephew and Ruth ! Jeffrey Pyne is 100% INNOCENT!!! NOT GUILTY!!!!! it appears that YOU have not follow THE TWISTED TACTICS OF POLICE! or you have not been a juror in your life!! When each juror was asked “Is this your TRUE VEREDICT” they sound forced to say WHAT THE LEADER of the JURORS AGREED to believe! There is always a couple or more to lead THIS CASE WAS NOT PROOVED BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT!
    "reasonable doubt". The precise meaning of words such as "reasonable" and "doubt" are usually defined within jurisprudence of the applicable country. Jurisprudence is the study and theory of law! THE SYSTEM should change and a CLASS FOR JURY SHOULD BE TAUGHT IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS and only select jurors that have taken classes. Jurors are regular people NOT EVEN paying attention to details AND just follow what other jurors opinion is to save face!

  11. Jeffrey Pyne LOVED HIS MOTHER! I wish he never had asked he will take his mother's situation, because it came true!

    I have several mentally ill relatives including a brother and a daughter. Even thou I sometimes think they would be better off dead. (for them to stop suffering and making others miserable) Every relative still love them and learn to tolerate. We know it is God testing us to become humble and patient. Jeffrey was Christian and would NOT KILL. He had good foundation taught by his own mother. Jeffrey loved his mother and respected her even thou she tried to chock him. He knew he is bigger and stronger! Jeffrey would just hold her hands. Jeffrey DID NOT KILL HIS BELOVED MOTHER! If POLICE TWIST CIRCUMSTANCES I will not TRUST police for anything any more. APPARENTLY they are a THREAT to society!

  12. I have never thought someone was innocent and in the last few years very public trials ended in an acquittal. This young man is innocent. No DNA to link him to this crime. Police had on blinders. This man is innocent. Ruth was in a jail & mental hospital where she met someone she tried to help. She seems like she was a woman of god & wanted to help others.

  13. Jeffrey is innocent. He was not emotional because he learned how to keep his emotions in check when he was a child. Now he is punished for this. The police didn't look into anyone else and have killed ruth again. She loved her son and still does. I pray for this case to go to appeal ASAP so that this man can go on with his life. Ruth would want this.

  14. Don't be dogging Linda (Ruth Pyne's sister.) She's a friend of mine and knows the background on this case. She is risking a break with her family because she doesn't believe the son is innocent and has solid reasons behind her opinion.
    And no one deserves to be killed just because they have a mental illness. You have to find another way to deal with the situation.

    1. LINDA is A FRIEND of yours, isn’t she? Do you know the meaning of “FRIEND”? – (It means YOUR colleague, associate, workmate, acquaintance! ) You say she doesn't believe the son is innocent, BUT THEN YOU BELIEVE HER? You ARE JUST LIKE LINDA! Wait until YOU have a DISAGREEMENT WITH HER! Linda might even be jealous of SUCH A PERFECT SON! DEVIL is everywhere! YOU think defending Linda are defending her? YOU are harming her! NO FAMILY MEMBER SHOULD be badgering other family members….. LINDA is vexing afflicting Bernie Pyne!!! She damaged innocent Jeffrey Pyne case!!! Now the little sister LOST her MOTHER AND BROTHER!!!! Because PEOPLE LIKE LINDA!!! SHAME ON YOU!!! Ask her to REVERSE her statement IMMEDIATELY on the appeal!!!! JEFFREY IS INNOCENT! I don’t even know the guy or their family! HEARING THE CASE, JEFFREY IS INNOCENT

    2. What are these solid reasons? Please list/elaborate..

  15. Suspicious of the fathers ex gf.

  16. Did police check into Bernie's female friend's ex-husband & her sons? Did police check into the neighbors & their adult children?

  17. As hard as it may sound, I can't get past the fact of how many times she was beaten and how many times she was stabbed. To beat and to stab someone that many times means the perpetrator had to have felt deep, deep rage, and had probably had a lifetime of abuse, be it verbal or physical, this happens over a long period of time. Not just on a few occasions. Think back on all the well known murder cases where someone was stabbed or beaten 20+ times and it's always been a family member.

  18. What bothers me about this case is the murder weapons. Usually in such vicious homicides these come under close scrutiny. Did Jeffrey carry a knife, or was it one he took from the kitchen? If so, why wasn't it stated? Jeffrey stated that he left his mother in bed around 1.30p.m. If you look at photographs of how she was dressed, it looks like she just shoved on a pair of pants and top. Maybe she heard noises and went to investigate in the garage. If I were Jeffrey's father, I would engage Dr.Henry Lee to examine the entire forensic nature of the scene - and be prepared to accept his findings, whether they clear Jeffrey or not. It just seems strange that a young man, known for a calm and placid nature, should erupt only once in his life.

    1. Clearly, the father does not want an investigation. It is best for him that the son is convicted.
      The father is the one who allegedly did not pick up the daughter from day care until after a day of drinking with his buddies at a local pub.
      The father is the one who had a mistress.
      The father is the one who came home to an open door with his daughter, but did not check the door or the premises, instead going into the backyard to work on the pool after an afternoon of drinking.
      The father is the one who, despite the fact that they live in a rural neighborhood removed from the neighbors, ran around screaming and crying while calling the authorities.
      The father is the one who could have actually stopped by the house on his way to drinking, killed her, and then went to the pub to create an alibi before returning with the daughter.

  19. Jim Fisher,
    You should write this story and name the book "The Lilac Bushes". It is an amazing case in so many ways.

  20. Replies
    1. I agree it would be an interesting book. Please include a timeline showing when the father allegedly left work (it does not appear the police got the actual time stamped security gate records), to when he left the Milford House. It would be nice to know exactly what time the waitress clocked his ServPro request for drinks. Both of those records would establish a clear time line of what the father did -- when he actually passed through the security gates and when he actually ordered a drink at the pub.
      I also wonder why it was never explained why the father went to the pub before picking up the daughter and why the mother, who obviously was home that day, did not pick up the daughter if the father was going to be out drinking.

    2. I think you make EXCELLENT points! Was the dad getting some liquid courage? Did the dad pick up the daughter because he knew his wife was dead and wouldn't be able to?

  21. Anyone Could have killed her, an angry neighbor, crazy person, hired murderer, maybe the husband, his mistress, her husband, anyone - That IS RESONABLE DOUBT!!!
    I do Believe the son is innocent, there is no history of violence, and in families/relations like that it is usually a lot of violence and hospital visits until one day it goes too far and victim get killed.
    Jeffrey´s girlfriend testifyed he never hurt her. He doesn´t seem to be a violent individual.
    Everyone reacts differently I dont burst out in tears and show my emotions it does not mean I don´t feel. When called to a Police Station you already expect bad news. Being taken to a Police station IS bad news.
    I hope we get the answer one day. Jeffrey never admitted to this and there is no evidence he did it. And no proof he is innocent, but I Think he is.

  22. Watched this on ID this evening. Usually things seem open and shut by the time the show is done. Not this one. Could he have done it? Yes. Something just doesn't ring true about this one though. I don't see either how they didn't find blood anywhere linked to him. The blisters looked like old blisters with skin picked off. Maybe from planting the lilac bushes 4 days earlier. Appeared to be shoveling blisters to me. I was skeptical on the planting of the lilac bushes police account of alibi since sometimes what someone interviewed says is way different from what police and media communicate. Is easy to see that he might have lost it, had pent up anger toward his mother which most of us would dealing with someone psychotic who refuses to take meds, so very easy to see that she might have provoked him and he lost it. However, with no evidence on clothes, car, or elsewhere in the house? I can't see that.

    Aside from that, the cases do happen where a complete stranger overkills. Listen to the stories of the family of Glen Rogers whose family believes he murdered Nicole Brown Simpson. He definitely overkilled him victims. Also had a friend shortly after high school who had a neighbor killed in her trailer house that was overkilled and toddler child left in the home all day with her dead mother until the father got home and discovered the body. Then there was the man released in TX who was last to see his wife spending 30 years in prison for her murder. They finally tested a bloody something found in his yard and it had the DNA of a man who had been convicted later of a separate crime in another state. It happens. So when they say overkill means it was someone close to the victim, well usually it is but we know that isn't always the case. Someone filled with rage, yes. Not always someone known closely by the victim.

    I don't know as much as you all since I first heard of it tonight, but from what was presented on ID 48 hrs I could not have convicted beyond reasonable doubt.

  23. Jeffrey's blisters were old not fresh, and what was shown on ID the skin was gone. Looked like shoveling blisters to me. If he bludgeoned his mother to death, some of that skin from the old blisters should have been at the scene unless he had picked it off prior to that.

    I put any stock in what Ruth's sister says. Police said she at first said it was Bernie. Now she is sure it is Jeffrey. She doesn't have anything to base that upon. Of course Ruth didn't deserve that. No-one does. That doesn't mean it was someone in the household. May have been, but just don't see how the police didn't find her blood transferred anywhere if it was Jeffrey unless they are completely totally inept.

  24. I dont believe Jeffery did it

  25. I just watched this case on I.D. The father on TV said he didn't let the little girl see her mother, he saw her and ran out immediately. Also, I read somewhere the little girl was afraid to practice the piano in front of the father, and in the TV show he was so proud of her piano playing, and is her "best pal." Something doesn't add up. The evidence was circumstantial, no blood, just bad lies it seems. So, as far as I can tell, and I've watched many crime shows, and know people who have gone to prison for killing and got only seven years! Since the mother had attacked Jeffrey before, was manic (I know how that can be because a "friend" tried to kill me out of the blue...scary) he could have killed her in a fit of passion in retaliation and I'm not sure if he had to go get a knife, but she stored knives...all I can say is he doesn't deserve a day over 7 yrs. and there should have been a plea deal. He could say he did it, and get a short sentence, even if he didn't do it. I think the father could have gotten someone to do it, after reading everything I could

  26. Jeffrey Pyne the spoiled punk got exactly what he deserved after taking the life of his mother who changed his dirty diapers, fed, and raised him. She obviously didn't hinder him from getting good marks in school. She weighed 105 pounds what kind of threat did she pose to this spoiled rotten punk. He should have gotten the death penalty for the brutality that he visited on her.

  27. I believe one or two people were burglarizing the garage, possibly trying to steal the motorcycle that was inside. (Testimony in the trial was brought up that a piece of wood that the motorcycle kickstand rested on was missing from the murder scene-perhaps this was one of the murder weapons) I believe it may be one or possibly two of the neighbors that may have been watching for Jeffrey to leave and entered the garage to steal property. Ruth may have heard noises and may have gone to the garage to check it out. Whoever killed Ruth wanted to make sure she was dead because they could be identified by Ruth, which makes me think it was one or two of the neighbors that disliked her, or any neighbors that could be identified. I believe Jeffrey is innocent and should get a new trial and I think the police should re-open the case and look for new suspects from the neighborhood.

  28. It appears that the father did it. Check the time line. Son is afraid of father.

  29. If he hated his mother that much why not move out of the house and never talk to her again...just leave...

  30. I just watched this on ID channel. I do not agree with the verdict. That is not to say he couldn't have carried out the murder, however I have reasonable doubt. And the jury should have as well.

  31. Wow! There was no forensic evidence! This was definitely a reasonable doubt case. So sad to think that maybe the police was so obsessed with convicting the son that the real killer got away. Yes it is reasonable to say that he had all this pent up rage toward his mother and finally snapped....but you need hard evidence to back this up and they had no evidence; yet he was convicted of murder! Just seen this episode on ID. Payed close attention to this because this happened in my home state. I'm appalled at the way this case was handled. It seems the police had tunnel vision and no matter what they were going to make him guilty. If this kid did do this...he must be very talented at getting every speck of blood off him, getting rid of the clothes, hiding the murder weapons and then going to work like it's a normal day.I thought it was evidence that convicted people ....not a theory!

  32. the victim was a bitch, the spouse a lying cheater w/short fuse, and the accused looking more like his father every day...they all had motive to kill victim...father may have done it, that's why he "knows" son didn't or just doesn't care that son did it because hes glad wifes dead...never says he wants her back, just wants family back...afterall didn't love her because he cheated on her...maybe the daughter can rise above it all and break the family curse

  33. I think he is innocent, the cops did not do there job they only pinned it on him. tell the cops to do there job

  34. The dad had established a relationship with another woman before all this had happened and the dad decided to workout his relationship with Ruth which had to end the dad relationship with this mysterious woman.
    I wonder why "what's called detectives" hadn't mention or investigate the only person who has motive to commit such an ugly disturbing crime and destroy someone's future because prosecutor, detectives and judge only want to move a case off their desk
    shameful system

  35. I really think Jeff did it.

    Now, yes, the lack of evidence in the case really does upset me. I mean, there was so much with Casey Anthony yet she was found not guilty. We sure don’t see a lot of fair justice in this world.

    But here where I may differ from some in this case..

    I still blame dad for this at the end of the day.

    I am a parent and if my husband was bi-polar and ever hurt my child, I would leave him. My childs safety would come first. PERIOD.

    She is only safe if she stays on her meds. But the simple fact that she tried to kill Jeff, my worry from that moment on would be “what if she stops taking them again”.
    I would not stick around to find out.

    There would be no way I would subject my son to a home where he was not safe. EVER.

    So, I do think Jeff killed his mom

    I blame the father for not protecting him and his daughter.

    Jeff had stated many times he wanted to leave the home. In fact some say he was free to leave since he was an adult. BUT… people forget his little sister remained.

    So what options does he have?

    Leave and know every day his sister is in danger..

    Or stay and be stuck in that environment never knowing

    So, I think either he just had enough that day or she said something that either was threatning to him or more likely his sister.

    Mom also had started keeping knives in her room (girlfriend testified to this)

    I think Jeff possibly saved his little sisters life. She would have been in danger in that home if mom ever decided not to take her meds again.

    Jeff really had no choice.

    I don’t think he deserves praise per say, but I do think he should have been held in a mental facility for a few years and provided counseling.

    I do not think he is a danger to society and do not agree to years in jail.

    Jeff would have likely been a great guy if he had been removed from that home years ago.

    Dad is responsible for not removing those kids from danger.

    Jeff should be free and should get counseling.