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Monday, September 4, 2017

Are Americans Losing Touch With Reality?

     The results of a pair studies published in 2012 were quite disturbing. One study concerns the use of illegal drugs worldwide. The other pertains to mental deterioration as one gets older.

     According to researchers in Paris, France, the belief that mental decline doesn't start before age 60 is not correct. In reality, cognitive ability--memory, reasoning, and comprehension--begins to go south at age 45. So, what does this mean for America? In a country where 100 million citizens are over 50, and 35 million are older than 65, this could not be good news. And look at our politicians, a vast majority of them are over 50, and many into their 60s and 70s. In Mississippi they have a congressman who's in his eighties. And there's an eighty-some-year-old representing a congressional district in New York City. People with deteriorating minds are running our country. Perhaps that's one of the reasons the nation is in decline. (Young people have good, fresh brains, but they don't know anything.) What a mess.

     On the illicit drug front, according to a pair of Australian researchers, between 149 million and 271 million people worldwide took an illegal drug at least once in 2009. Other studies have shown that the heaviest drug users in the world are Americans. In 2009, 22 million Americans (This figure is low because it is based on self-reporting.) used illegal drugs. The narcotic of choice, marijuana was followed by meth, cocaine, ecstasy, and heroin. In addition, 9 million Americans abuse legal drugs and millions more take prescription pills. The latter is particularly true among older Americans who are losing their minds.

     On top of the dementia and the drug taking, the U.S. is home to 12 million alcoholics as well as an additional unkown number of people who drink too much but don't go to the meetings. According to a recent study, 38 million Americans binge drink at least once a month.

     So, what do we have here? We've got at least half of the adults in this country losing their minds, taking drugs and/or drinking too much. (Americans also eat too much, but that's another story.) If we are still the greatest country on earth, what does that say about the rest of the world?


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